23May, 2017

Declare your near misses from your cell phone or your tablet with Kizeo Forms !

Reduce your company’s risk of accidents declaring your near misses! Minor incidents due to material damage on the field, also called near misses, are often followed by more serious incidents. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to collect and analyse them in order to take preventive actions internally and by doing so: Preventing and avoiding physical accidents, Providing safe working conditions for the workers, Improving safety. […]

02Feb, 2017

New: Discover the improvement of the graph function and recover your deleted forms

At the beginning of the year, your Kizeo Forms application is improving! Your graphs have a new filter and an option to recover your deleted forms appears. The improvement of the Graphs function! As a reminder, Graphs allow you to exploit and analyse your data entered with different types: pie chart, bar chart, line and curved line chart. Add a graph to your custom-made Word with […]

10Jan, 2017

Thanks to the Push with table, prepare your intervention with Kizeo Forms!

We upgrade the Push! To remember, Push allows you to send pre-filled forms from the office, to the mobile or tab of your field workers. Until now you could only push in the main form (fields outside a table). Today, it is possible! The push with table is an advanced level of the push. We strongly recommend starting with the tutorial explaining how to configure the push, […]

06Dec, 2016

Kizeo Forms new features: Multi-Export and customize library!

At this year’s end, we enhance Kizeo Forms! The multi-export appears and now, you have the possibility to build your own Library. A new way to manage your exports. You can build several custom-made Word and/or Excel for every forms. For example, you are a salesman and you want to create a purchase order and an estimate with the same forms? It is now possible! You […]

22Nov, 2016

Kizeo Forms version 6.6.1: New features!

From version 6.6.1 onward, you can now, on your mobile and tablet: Zoom in on an image: Go to Features in the Image field and check the function allowing zoom. On the Back-office: On the mobile device: Display table on a list: Display all line of a table into list in a third tab. This mode displays pictures instead of “yes” and “no”. On Android, it is possible to […]