About us

Kizeo is a French simplified joint stock company founded in 2011. We are an application software developer, and our core business is the development of IT solutions in the form of applications for companies.

We design, develop and market our solutions. Our applications’ designs hinge on their user-friendly and intuitive features. No specific technical knowledge is required!

Our objective? Our aim is that smartphones and tablets become veritable work tools within companies. In this way, tailored solutions can be put forward in response to the challenges and needs of major groups, as well as small and medium-sized businesses and very small businesses. Continually in search of simplicity and increased productivity.

Logo de l'entreprise Kizeo

A team ready to assist you!

Our leitmotif is to be attentive to your needs in order to increasingly adapt to your demands. This is what enables us to be increasingly responsive to your expectations!

Our after-sales service is available to accompany you and provide you with timely and professional answers. Given that Kizeo is present today in 38 countries, exchanges are in French, English, Spanish and German!

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