06Oct, 2016

Transfer of data between users of the same account (mobile to mobile)

Kizeo Forms users can transfer forms to other users of their account.

Activate the transfer option.

  • Go to the general options of your form.

Go to your form general options.

  • In the Mobile tab, check the function allowing the transfer.

Check the "allow data transfer between users" box option.

The activation of this option will display a new Transfer button in the mobile application as well as on the web entry.

Practical case 1 – Transfer of forms between mobiles.

Pratical case 1 – Tansfer of forms betwenn mobiles.

Jack conducted a security report using Kizeo Forms. His entry must be confirmed by his colleague Jeff.

Transfer option displayed on mobile.


Jack makes his data entry then clicks on Transfer. He chooses Jeff in the user list.
Jeff, Jack’s colleague, is immediately alerted by a notification on his mobile.
Kizeo Forms opens in the ‘Reception box’ tab.

Find your transfered data in your 'reception box'.

Jeff clicks on Jack’s form to continue the entry.
Once the entry has been made, he can either transfer again or save the form.


Practical case 2 – Send data from the office to the field.

This is what is called the ‘Push’. Go to our tutorial for more information.

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