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03Oct, 2017

Rental Walk-Through Inspection with Kizeo Forms

You are a real estate agent or you work within a property management company, then this checklist template is exactly what you need! You will now be able to fill out an inspection checklist with a new tenant directly from your mobile device. The template is now available for download from our library!  AUTHENTICATE YOUR INSPECTION Thanks to the smart features Kizeo Forms offers, you can add […]

18Sep, 2017

Fill Out Your 5S Audit Checklist From Your Smartphone Or Tablet

We released a new form template: the 5S Audit Checklist. You can now download it from the library and carry out your 5S Audit from your cellphone or tablet! 5S Methodology The 5S methodology is widely used in several industries to organize a workplace in a more efficient way. The name comes from five Japanese words beginning with an “S” that define each step: Seiri (SORT): Remove […]

07Sep, 2017

Brand New Look For KF Platform!

Kizeo Forms brand new look unveiled soon! Our main goal is for our customers to be fully satisfied. That is why we always keep improving Kizeo Forms bearing in mind that your favorite working tool should remain easy for you to use. Tuesday September 12th, get ready to discover the brand new look of KF Platform, more modern, intuitive and simple! Don’t worry, we got everything covered! The […]

16Aug, 2017

Optimize Your Pest Control Inspections With Digital Forms!

A new Pest Control Checklist is now available in the library! This form is made for Pest Control companies that regularly inspect restaurants. Save Time With this digital form, Pest Control technicians will be able to fill out a standard checklist in no time and from anywhere! By inserting a Referential-Hierarchical list with the details of each one of the services that your company provides, you give simple guidelines for your […]

09Aug, 2017

Updates On « My Users » Page In Your Back Office

New makeover of Kizeo Forms interface. «My Users» Page in your Back Office has been modified in order to improve the user experience. It is meant to: Simplify the use of the page, Save time when you create and manage your users’ profiles. The interface that allows to create and modify the user profiles has been re-organized in order to look clearer. New features to manage your […]

02Aug, 2017

We Added New Features On The Block Tags!

In order to understand those new features, it is necessary for you to already have a basic understanding of how the Block Tags works. Let’s have a quick reminder of what they actually are! The Block Tags are meant to hide part of your Word report according to what has been typed from the mobile device. For instance, let’s say that one field of your form […]

24Jul, 2017

Download The New Timesheet Template Available In The Library

We just released a new timesheet template on the library! This form called «Timesheet» is made for HR representatives or managers to help them fill out their employee timesheet more easily and quickly. Our timesheet template helps you save Time Fill your weekly timesheet in no time! By inserting a Referential-Hierarchical list with the details of each one of your employees, you just need to […]

12May, 2017

Declare your near misses from your cell phone or your tablet with Kizeo Forms !

Reduce your company’s risk of accidents declaring your near misses! Minor incidents due to material damage on the field, also called near misses, are often followed by more serious incidents. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to collect and analyse them in order to take preventive actions internally and by doing so: Preventing and avoiding physical accidents, Providing safe working conditions for the workers, Improving safety. […]

02Feb, 2017

New: Discover the improvement of the graph function and recover your deleted forms

At the beginning of the year, your Kizeo Forms application is improving! Your graphs have a new filter and an option to recover your deleted forms appears. The improvement of the Graphs function! As a reminder, Graphs allow you to exploit and analyse your data entered with different types: pie chart, bar chart, line and curved line chart. Add a graph to your custom-made Word with […]

10Jan, 2017

Thanks to the Push with table, prepare your intervention with Kizeo Forms!

We upgrade the Push! To remember, Push allows you to send pre-filled forms from the office, to the mobile or tab of your field workers. Until now you could only push in the main form (fields outside a table). Today, it is possible! The push with table is an advanced level of the push. We strongly recommend starting with the tutorial explaining how to configure the push, […]