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10Jul, 2017

Digital Forms: A Great Solution To Get Rid Of Paper


Line of business: Hydraulic EngineeringLogo Société Hydraumel
Manager: Gwendal CONAN
Need: Less paper and more productivity
Solution: Samsung 7’’ Tablet + Kizeo Forms (12 digital forms)

Hydraumel illustration


Hydraumel is a French company based in Angers, a medium-size French city located about 300 km southwest from Paris. They currently hire a staff of 10 employees. They have been working for over a decade now on designing, repairing and maintaining hydraulic equipments and facilities.

The company is betting on a continuous innovation to keep up with their high-standard services to grow in a smart and more efficient way.


Hydraumel has significant daily activities such as emergency repairs on site, repairs in the workshop, sending quotes to their clients, component distribution and expert interventions. Such activities produce a huge amount of paper-based documents: expert reports, intervention forms, timesheet and so on. Furthermore, these interventions often require to take pictures (to compare the “before” and “after”). Including them helps authenticate the documents and may be used as evidence to prevent legal actions to be taken later on.

Handling that much paper and adding the pictures afterwards became very heavy, expensive and time-consuming. Along with ProdWest (an external company), we worked on a solution that involved using Kizeo Forms. Indeed, this smart tool that our staff use on their tablets, ended up substituting the paper-based forms and made our work way easier and faster.


Hydraumel utilise les formulaires numériques avec Kizeo FormsEach one of our technician has a Galaxy 7’’ tablet with about twelve digital forms in it, designed with Kizeo Forms. They are a perfect fit for our daily activities and completely substitute the paper-based reports.

Intervention forms, timesheet, purchase orders or quotes… Now we fill out everything from the tablets. The reports (including pictures and signatures) are automatically generated and sent by e-mail. The digitized data is collected in Kizeo Forms data base avoiding long and tedious manual re-entry.


We save at least 2 hours per day! This made the communication within the company way better because the information is rapidly exchanged. Therefore, there is less re-entries which means less errors. Our reports are detailed and accurate. By using pictures, we avoid legal disputes and generally speaking we drastically reduced the amount of paper. All our technicians, even the most reluctant to use technology, adopted it.

 At the end, this solution has made our job way easier and allows us to offer better services to our clients.

Gwendal CONAN

Hydraumel was mentored by Prodwest to introduce the use of Kizeo Forms within the company.

Logo Prodwest - Revendeur expert de la solution Kizeo Forms.

Consulting company specialized in mobile solutions.
Located in Nantes, ProdWest is a third-party that sells Kizeo Forms and helps companies throughout France in their mobility project.

Contact person: Bruno ROGER +33 (0)9 82 60 36 70

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