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22May, 2017

How to calculate the number of lines in your table ?


This Kiz’Tip comes along with the new «Near Miss Report» form available in the library so that you can see a specific example. Feel free to download this form!

You wonder how to know how many lines you have in your table after you collected your data? How to make this figure appear in your customized report? Well, it is totally possible to set your Kizeo Form once so that you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

How to calculate the number of lines you have in your table from your cell phone or tablet?

Thanks to the Checkbox and Calculation element, you can easily figure out the number of lines you have in your table while you are entering your data.

To do so, you need to insert an invisible checkbox in your table. In this case, we created a column called “Action Number” that, as you can see in the picture below, appears empty. Before that, you need to put special settings by clicking the “Action number” element, then go to the features tab and check the “Default Value” checkbox. Then, you just have to calculate -outside your table- the sum of your “Checkbox” and you are good to go!

Number of lines in a table

How to display the number of lines your have in your table inside your customized Word and Excel reports?

You can make the number of lines of your table appear in both Excel and Word customized files by adding the ##_line_number## tag (see picture below).

If you happen to have several tables in your form, you need to mention the one that you are referring to by using the following tag: ##_line_number:tag_of_your_table##.


Display the line number in a table

How to display the line number of your table in your customized Excel file


Display line number


Tip: How to retrieve a specific element you entered in your table.

The ##id_of_element[n]## tag allows you to retrieve a specific element you entered in your table. For instance, you would like to mention in the subject line of your e-mail the first and last name of the first witness of the near miss? You will then use the ##witness[1]:lastname## and ##witness[1]:firstname## tag in order to inform more efficiently your manager by putting this information in a key part of your e-mail.

Display an info in the subject line email

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