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28Dec, 2017

Find out about the ‘Read-Only’ option for your group leaders

New update in the rights of access.

As an administrator of a Kizeo Forms account, you can set and manage the right of access of each one of the forms in your account. Those rights of access can be different according to each digital form, according to the user, to the group to whom he belongs and to his status. Let’s have a quick reminder of the different statuses that you can use with Kizeo Forms:

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  • The User: This is the basic status. The user can enter data from the Kizeo Forms App on his mobile device.
  • The Group leader: He can create and modify forms and retrieve the data linked to those forms. He is being assigned a ‘main group’. He can manage the users of this group.
  • The Administrator: he manage the account completely and has access to create and modify all the forms without any restrictions.

A new option for group leaders.

Because a lot a you asked for this new option, it is now possible to choose whereas a group leader will have a restricted access or a full access with right of edition.

What is exactly this option? Well, now you can choose if your group leader will have the following rights:

  • Read-only: the group leader can only see the forms, the data and export it on the platform. He cannot modify nor delete any forms, data or users.
  • Right of edition: the group leader can modify or delete the forms, the data and export it.

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