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16Sep, 2016

Understanding and using the Hierarchical list

A Hierarchical list is a list that allows you to sort your information by categories. You can create up to 9 different levels. For instance, you can create a list with countries, states and cities. In the first level of your list, you select the ‘country’. When selecting it, you will go the the second level which is ‘States’, you select one. And finally you will access the third level which […]

12Sep, 2016

Understanding and using the Referential-Hierarchical list

Save time and avoid errors when filling your digital form with the Referential-hierarchical list! A Referential-hierarchical list is a Hierarchical list mixed with a Referential list. The Hierarchical list will allow you to narrow down your search adding several categories, or ‘levels’ (up to 9). After that, the Hierarchical list will automatically fill several reference field at once (up to 49). Let’s take an example: A company […]

01Sep, 2016

How To Use The Code List

Give a code to each item of your list or to each choice field.  The Code List allows you to change the name of a particular item when your export your form. Meaning that while filling the form in the field, the mobile worker will see the name of an item, and when the form will be exported a different name or reference will appear. Comment:  If the items […]

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