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19Oct, 2017

Interview with César Suárez, from the Michelle company in Costa Rica

logo michelle Costa ricapineapple     Company: Michelle Company, Costa Rica

 Digitization in the agriculture industry  Industry: Agriculture

 rate   Testimonial by: César Suárez Rojas

Tell us about your profession

We are a company that is dedicated to the commercialization of fruits and vegetables, for export to different countries of the world. We take care of quality control from the field to the hands of the consumer in the United States, Europe, Russia and others. I am in charge of the continuous improvement of the work of the company, automating processes and exploiting to the maximum the tools that we have at our disposal today.

«With Kizeo Forms, we managed to get the company to have a report 5 times faster. »

Why did you decide to use Kizeo Forms?

I have always tried to implement an application that could generate information in real time from the field. Thanks to the versatility of the Kizeo Forms application, the company was able to get a report 5 times faster. In addition, our clients, regardless of the country where they are located in, receive an electronic mail with the required information. This projects the ideal professional image and support to our clients.

«We have several applications with Kizeo Forms such as quality reports, sales value estimates and time sheets.»

How do you use the Kizeo Forms application in your company?

We have several applications working at the moment and we are developing more functions. In detail, we have some Quality Reports which we use to carry out the inspection of pineapple packing. By filling out this form, we generate a very good quality report with great ease such that, from a telephone (regardless of the brand), the person in charge is entering the required information, each sampling with photos, calculations, data, where we can generate each of the palettes and its traceability. When the container is ready with the load of pineapples, we will have a professional report and in the language required by the client.

Estimates: A person in charge from his phone (regardless of the brand), is counting in real time the sizes of the pineapples, in a random sampling. When he finishes his sampling he already has the detail of the projections and also the estimate of how much this specific lot will produce. In addition, we have an email with graphics detailing the curve of sizes, according to the size of the pineapple. From there, we are separating what can not be exported and what can be exported. This same report gives me a projection of value from the sale of the pineapples.

Returns: We also have a timesheet with information of the phone number and the person in charge of the crew in a simple form. The employees can digitally fill-in the timesheet. All the entries have the name and signature for verification. This form generates the daily work done and the cost of the work done per day and per week, when necessary. An automatic email is sent to the respective department with the details of the employees to enter them into the payroll system. With the calculations made using the Kizeo Forms application, we have generated savings in staff hours.

«Now, we can generate data from the field and obtain savings in time and paper usage. »

To what extent does Kizeo Forms facilitate your work?

With the technical support provided, it has been able to adapt to our work. Kizeo Forms helped us design forms used for various processes in our organisation thereby giving us a competitive advantage. With these applications, our company continues to work with a professional service at a global level.

Thanks to the samplings we can generate data from the field. This helps us save time, where before there was a slow and very tedious process, now, with these applications, we have everything from the field. The paper saving further helps us take care of the environment.

Digital Forms Agriculture Michelle Company


Give us your opinion about the following topics:

Learning from Kizeo Forms:

With the support of Kizeo Forms, it has been possible to go from the IMAGINATION of an idea, to be able to realize it with an application super adaptable to an endless number of functions. This way you can summarize the learning.

Technical support:

I thank you all. Since they are developers delivered to perform we achieved the desired project. The support via phone and mail has created a trust. We were able to get answers to our queries. Kizeo Forms met our expectations. Thank you all!

The different types of options/elements:

Each option you have is very easy to apply for the different options we use in our activities.

e-Fill out the forms from your mobile device:

This is the easiest and most practical. It is possible to fill in every detail with great ease, from any mobile device, photos, texts, etc. It is so easy that anyone who can read, can use it without any problem.

Automatic emails and PDF / Excel / Word custom reports:

The reports are filled alone, they just need to be adapted to what each company requires. The data in the report is very stable and there is no problem of variation of formulas, when converting it into PDF it becomes lighter and easier to send via mail.

The centralization of the data:

We can review the data from a single database and we can modify and send them from the same database. It gives you that ease of use to be able to review a report from anywhere in the world. Whether traveling or from the field you can review your data.

«We can guarantee our customers that we will ensure quality.»

To what extent Kizeo Forms changed your habits and/or working conditions?

It has been possible to go from paper forms where hours were spent filling each of these forms, to be able to do them in real time from the phone. Thanks to this detail, we can have more time to take care of the quality of the relationship with our customers. We can guarantee our clients that we will ensure quality and we will have a form at the level they deserve.

What do you prefer with Kizeo Forms?

The help provided by Silvia ARELLANO. The dedication she has had despite the difference in schedule … Thanks! Your collaboration has been very valuable.

César Suárez Rojas, Production and logistics manager at Michelle Company

Thank you very much César for this very detailed and interesting testimonial that you have given us!

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