22Nov, 2016

Kizeo Forms version 6.6.1: New features!

From version 6.6.1 onward, you can now, on your mobile and tablet: Zoom in on an image: Go to Features in the Image field and check the function allowing zoom. On the Back-office: On the mobile device: Display table on a list: Display all line of a table into list in a third tab. This mode displays pictures instead of “yes” and “no”. On Android, it is possible to […]

Customize your reports and e-mails with the tags

Each component of your form is defined by an item tag, for example ##contact##. The item tags represent the reference code for each element and allows you to customize your reports and your e-mails. The item Tags. To customize your Word, PDF, Excel files or your e-mails, you need to know the item tags of your element. Click on the pencil  and go to the Help tab to find the item tags of your […]