25Jan, 2017

How to delete the title and several items according to your input in your customized report?

As a reminder, with the block tags you can customize your report according to your input ! These tags work only on the Word and its custom-made PDF. In your custom-made Word, you have a checkbox list and you want its title to be visible only if one or more check boxes are checked. This is quite possible using the block tags! From the Back-Office: Add […]

10Jan, 2017

Thanks to the Push with table, prepare your intervention with Kizeo Forms!

We upgrade the Push! To remember, Push allows you to send pre-filled forms from the office, to the mobile or tab of your field workers. Until now you could only push in the main form (fields outside a table). Today, it is possible! The push with table is an advanced level of the push. We strongly recommend starting with the tutorial explaining how to configure the push, […]

03Jan, 2017

What to expect from the biggest tech show of the year ?

The year’s biggest tech event is also the first of 2017: CES. It is like a tardy Santa Claus with his gift of new consumer tech! What to expect at the biggest tech show of the year? Classic shows of the CES: TVs. The theme will be 4K and HDR. As the price barrier for entering 4K is pretty much gone; TV makers must sell the […]