16May, 2019

Asset Management with the Kizeo Forms application!

✅ One step Asset Management Solution

Asset management involves several systematic processes involved in the development, maintenance, depreciation and disposal of assets in a cost effective manner. For several years enterprises have been using paper forms for these operations. This consumes a lot of time due to manual errors, transcription errors and has a high cost in terms of man hours.

Kizeo Forms is the perfect automation tool that can centralize all this information and automate each and every step of the process. Thanks to the Kizeo Forms app, you can record equipment inventory, spare parts availability, perform preventative and predictive maintenance operations, manage work order requests as well as analyze each and every step of the process to make business decisions!

⚙️ Some of the interesting features provided are:

Offline mode
With the Kizeo Forms app, you can collect data without an internet connection and thereby perform your asset management operations from the remotest areas

NFC Tag and Barcode scanning
Track all your assets directly from your mobile device thanks to the NFC Tag and Barcode scanning functionality. 

Digital Signatures
 Get work order sign offs and ensure you authorize all your reports with the digital signature option.

Personalized reports & emails
Transfer data to the right person by sending emails automatically to the desired recipients upon form completion.

Reports and dashboards
Analyze your data with the custom reports and dashboards that can be generated with the Kizeo Forms app. Analyze various KPI’s and easily make business decisions.

Data centralization
Make sure all the data is available in a single place and available to the right person at the right time.

Library of form templates
The Kizeo Forms library has several templates that can help you test the app and create your own form templates!

Easy Integration
The REST API available for Kizeo Forms helps you integrate with several softwares and information management systems! 

You can Manage hierarchy in the organization by using the visibility and access conditions.

The above elements are just some of the features provided by Kizeo Forms. Discover several other functionalities!. It is the perfect low cost data collection app and can help your enterprise save time and improve workforce productivity!

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