28Feb, 2019

Automatically send an email to the field manager upon form completion

Do you want to automatically send an email to the employee’s direct manager during a new registration? Find out how, using customizable user fields, add one or more email addresses and automate sending!

This tutorial discusses advanced concepts of Kizeo Forms like:

If you are not familiar with the above notions yet, we recommend that you first read them.

Step 1: Setting up a customizable user field.

  • You must first create a customizable user field, so we can easily identify our collaborator’s manager for sending email.
  • In the example below, we create a new field that we call Manager Email.
  • Then go to the profiles of your employees via the menu Users > My Users > Customizable User Fields and enter the manager’s email address.

Step 2: The creation of the email scenario.

In this second step we will configure our email.

  • From the form creation/modification screen, go to the options on your form, email tab > Recipients.
  • Insert the tag of your custom field into the input field.
  • Thus, in the example below, we add ##_user_ref4## since it is the latter which contains our email address.

From now on the manager of our collaborator will automatically receive an email once the data is entered.

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