27Sep, 2016

Automatically sending your customized reports by email

Sending your reports by e-mail from a smartphone is one of the strengths of Kizeo Forms! Take advantage of it!

Automatically distributing your reports by e-mail

Thanks to its options for sending an e-mail, Kizeo Forms allows you to distribute the information collected on site directly to your colleagues, employees, sales staff, partners, customers etc.

You will save time, the need for call-outs and the responsiveness within your organisation.

After this tutorial, the e-mail options will no longer be a mystery to you!

When do you send it?

The e-mail is sent when the user, in web entry or mobile entry, clicks on Save and/or when you modify a data.

You can re-send e-mails automatically from Data > History, by clicking on the iconE-mail icon

How to set a template for your email?

In order to organize the email, Kizeo gives you the possibility to create sending template. That is to say, for example:

  • A shipment to notify your manager that you have made a new sale.
  • An email for your customer with his or her purchase order form (with a custom-made Word).
  • An email with attachment, the summary of the sale for yourself (with a custom-made Word).
  • A scenario in case of modification of the purchase order form to inform your client that his request has been taken into account …

These templates can be based on a Customizable user fields, depending on the selection of an item in a list, a checkbox, the amount of an order, … you decide!

  • To create a new template, go to Configuration –>Forms tab.
  • Select your form.
  • Go to the Options -> Email tab of your form.
  • Click on « Add ».

Add automatic email in your digital form


Step 1. Write the content of your email

Customize the subject and message of your emails.

Step 2. Configure the recipient(s) of the email

Set up the recipients parameters
Add a recipient from an input field or contact list

Step 3. Choose the format of the document to be sent

Attachments and attached files

To go even further – The advanced tab:

This tab allows you to rename your email template, configure the reply address, send conditions and filters.

Assign a name to the email scenario
Set up a reply-to address
Define the conditions for sending your email
Re-send the email.
To disable a template
To copy a template


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There Are 2 Comments

  • Johan Gilliaert

    01 Jun, 2018

    Is it not possible to send a report once a week (f.e. sunday at midnight) with all new entries in an excel sheet made during the last 7 days?

    • Silvia Arellano

      01 Jun, 2018

      Dear Johan,

      Thank you for your message.
      This is possible using the API / Kizeo Connector option where you can choose when to retrieve all the new data. This, however needs to be made by a developer. If you need more information don’t hesitate to contact us directly by phone: 0033-490236760 or by email: contact@kizeo.com.

      Have a great day!

      Kind regards.

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