19Dec, 2017

How to access your documents stored in Google Drive from the Kizeo Forms application?

The vast majority of professionals store their work documents in a cloud. The most commonly used tool for this is the Google Drive. Next, we will teach you how to access the documents stored in your Google Drive directly from the Kizeo Forms application. It can be useful during an intervention to consult a technical manual or any informative document. To achieve this, it is […]

15Nov, 2017

How To Open Google Maps From The Kizeo Forms App

When you send pre-filled data from the platform to a mobile user in the field (what we also call push), the mobile user can see this data on a map on his mobile device and open Google Maps straight away to start a route for instance. First, make sure that you put the correct settings. In order to do so, click the options button of your form, […]

17Oct, 2017

How To Display Checkboxes In Your Reports

In this Tips & Tricks, we will teach you how to display checkboxes in your automatic reports when filling out a list, choice or checkbox element in your digital form.  List, Choice or Slider element When you use one of these four elements (list, choice, slider or checkbox) in your digital form, it is possible to generate a custom-made report including a checked or unchecked box in […]

14Sep, 2017

Tips & Tricks #1: The Voice Control Option on iPhone and Android

The Tip & Tricks of today is a bit special! Indeed, we are glad to introduce you our first video! The concept remains the same: giving KF users useful tips to master the App and the platform. The Voice Control Option on iPhone & Android The subject of this video is the Voice Control option that is available on all smartphones. It is pretty helpful when you have […]

17Aug, 2017

Back Office Tips!

Today, let’s take a step further and use the advanced features available in the back office. Did you know that it was possible to search the fields that have not been filled out in a form by looking the History tab (Data Menu)? Also, if you mistakenly deleted a form, it is still possible to get it back! Adding a filter in the Search bar in the […]

18Jul, 2017

How To Adjust The Settings Of Your Pictures In Reports & E-mails

If you often add pictures to your report after you filled out your digital form on your mobile device, then this article is for you! We will go over the different ways to retrieve data from your pictures: geolocation or date for instance. Also, you can choose the size of those pictures in your custom-made report. Define the size of your pictures. Per default, the size of […]

19Jun, 2017

How To Update An External List Using Kizeo Forms’ API?

  This article is intended for advanced Kizeo Forms users and the instructions given here require IT skills. Using external lists inside your forms is very convenient. It allows you for instance to insert useful informations like customers contact details, lists of supplies or lists of references. You can re-use those same lists in different forms. Did you know that there is a way to automatically […]

22May, 2017

How to calculate the number of lines in your table ?

  This Kiz’Tip comes along with the new «Near Miss Report» form available in the library so that you can see a specific example. Feel free to download this form! You wonder how to know how many lines you have in your table after you collected your data? How to make this figure appear in your customized report? Well, it is totally possible to set your Kizeo Form once so […]

19Apr, 2017

How can I create a timesheet report on mobile or tablet with Kizeo Forms?

Would you like to record time worked or create a timesheet report using Kizeo Forms? It is possible! Let us take the example of an employee who, when arriving at a construction site, needs to transfer his timesheet to his manager and have at the end of his entry: His geolocation to proove he is on site. To display the list of site to facilate […]

23Mar, 2017

3 steps to create conditional formulas: the Certificate of compliance form

Do you want to create conditional formulas with Kizeo forms? Would you like to get a percentage automatically when you fill in your form? This is possible! Let take the example of an electrician who, during an electrical inspection with a customer, needs to be able to evaluate the different points to be checked and to have automatically at the end of its input: Percentage […]