23Feb, 2017

In a custom report, how to display different formatting in a table, based on the input on the mobile?

In your custom-made Word, by using the block tag between the table rows, you can change the display according to your data collected on the ground. Goal: You are a landscaping company and you need to know quickly where you have to send your teams in intervention. At first, your employee visits different residences to check the conformance of the green areas by taking photos […]

24Jan, 2017

How to delete the title and several items according to your input in your customized report?

As a reminder, with the block tag you can customize your report according to your input ! These tags work only on the Word and its custom-made PDF. In your custom-made Word, you have a checkbox list and you want its title to be visible only if one or more check boxes are checked. This is quite possible using the block tags! From the Back-Office: Add […]

21Dec, 2016

How to send custom reports easily by email to multiple recipients?

Distribute the information collected on site directly to your colleagues, employees, sales staff, partners, customers etc. You would like to send your custom reports by e-mails to your customers or partners? Save time with Kizeo Forms by sending your data, in the form of your choice to your recipient(s)! With a list or choice field. You can define a list of contacts for sending e-mails. This list […]

19Sep, 2016

Configure your unique identifier for each of your forms

Add your unique identifier that will increment automatically for each of your form! Are you in the habit of adding, to your final reports, an unique intervention number or a reference for a customer estimate? With Kizeo Forms, you will be able to configure it and no longer think about it! The record number. Each new saved data creates a record number you can use in your exported […]