23Mar, 2017

How to create a Certificate of compliance form with percentage?

Would you like to get a percentage automatically when you fill in your form on Kizeo Forms? This is possible!

Let take the example of an electrician who, during an electrical inspection with a customer, needs to be able to evaluate the different points to be checked and to have automatically at the end of its input:

  • Percentage of the compliant point,
  • Percentage of the non compliant point,
  • Percentage of the not evaluated point.


The 3 steps below will help you create your certificate of compliance report that looks like you!

  1. The configuration of your Choice or List field.

In a table use a Choice or List field and enter your list

  1. Set your compliance calculation.
  2. Set percentage calculations for each criterion.

Step 1. Your choice/list field.

First, you must add a Choice or List field in your table and configure it with a code list: for each item, add two zeros to the code of the previous item starting from 1.

For example, for our « Observation list »:

  • 1:Compliant
  • 100:Non compliant
  • 10000:N/A

Step 2. The compliance calculation.

Once you set your choice or list field, you have to:

  1. Add a Calculation field outside the table and set it to sum your Choice or List field.
    In our example, we set it to calculate the sum of our choice field “Observation”.

set your compliance calculation

  1. Add a Calculation field for each item of your code list. In our example, 3 additional Calculation fields:
  • Compliance observation
  • Non compliance observation
  • N/A observation

In our example 3 additional Calculation fields

The calculation to be set for each of these 3 Calculation fields is:

((The sum of the list – (the previous elements x 1 (the number of zero depending on the level of the element: 100 for the second, 10,000 for the third …)) % 100 (add two zeros for each Of the levels of the element: 100 for the first, 10,000 for the second …)) / 1 (and add two zeros for each of the levels: 1 for the first, 100 for the second …).

Our first element, Compliance observation:

first element


Our second element, the Non compliance observation:

Our second element the Non compliance observation

Our third element, N/A observation:

Our third element N/A observation

NB: This calculation is valid if your table contains less than 100 rows. Otherwise, it will be necessary to add three zeros instead of two.

On the mobile:

Certificate of compliance

Step 3. The percentage calculations for each criterion.

These calculations allowed us to obtain the number of times we chose an item from our list. Now, we would like to get this result as a percentage.

  1. First, we need to know the total number of entries. To do this, we have to add a Calculation field, “Sum of entry”, and add up the previous calculations.

Sum of entry

  1. Finally, we need to add 3 Calculation fields, one for each element of our code list, and set it up with a formula for calculating percentages.

For example, our Compliance Percentage Calculation field will be set like this: (“Compliance Feed” / “Number of Entries”) x 100

our Compliance Percentage Calculation field

Tips: In order for your result to appear with the percentage symbol, you can add the “%” to your calculation formula by clicking on “Add some text”.

our Compliance Percentage Calculation field

On the mobile :

Certificate of compliance

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