05Dec, 2016

Custom-made Excel/PDF: Customize your reports entirely!

By default, the Excel list allows you to extract one or more data fields from the same Excel file.
However, it is possible to export a Kizeo Forms report in customise Excel format with the header, layout, font, style … that YOU want. Kizeo Forms gives you total freedom to write YOUR own final report.
To do this, you will have to deal with some technical terms… but nothing serious! The 3 steps below will help you create a custom-made report that looks like you!

Step 1. Create a custom-made Excel.

You are going to create what we call a custom-made Excel. You will use Microsoft Excel software, 2007 or newer. If you do not have the Microsoft Office suite, you can download the trial version or buy the full version on our partner’s site.

To customise your report, you will also need to know the item tags of your form.  The item tags represent the reference code for each element (ex. ##customer##). For more information on item tags, you may consult our tutorial on Tags Help.

Tips: You can download and take inspiration from the Word example provided by Kizeo (Option-> Exportswe strongly advise you to proceed that way). The advantage of this example is that it includes all the item tags for your properly written form.

  • Open a blank Excel page

  • Build your document the way you want it by inserting (manually) the tags where you want them to display the information. For example, if you want the last name and first name of your client located on the same cell then you can simply place the item tags: Last name and First name side by side in your Excel file.

excel file


  • You also have the ability to include calculations, text, colours, images, etc.
  • Similarly, you can make certain items disappear in your reports. For example, information necessary to manage your data, but providing no advantage to the customer.
Tags for your excel


In Excel, you have two possibilities to integrate a table: in rows or in columns.

Data in rows:

  • On every cell of the first row, name your columns.
  • On every cell of the second row, insert the item tags where you want the information to be displayed.

Item tag rows will display as many times as the entry rows.

insert the item tags where you want the information to be displayed in your excel

Data in columns

  • Insert a table with as many rows as necessary and two columns.
  • In the first column first cell, insert your table tags.
  • In the second column, insert the item tag of the table and all item tags.

Item tag columns will display as many times as the entry rows during entry.

insert the item tags where you want the information to be displayed in your excel

Tips: How to do line break in Excel:

  • On PC: alt + enter.
  • On Mac: cmd + alt + enter.



insert the item tags where you want the information to be displayed in your excel

Display the line number
Retrieve the entry of an element of a line in a table.
Stylize the tags.

Customise data:

An example:

Template Kizeo Forms excel

 Tip: To get only one page, do not hesitate to hide the sheets that you do not want to appear in your personalized report!

Step 2. Import the Custom-made Excel template.

  • Return to your form.
  • Click on the Options button, then go to the Exports tab.

Import the Custom-made Excel template.

  • Load your Excel template by clicking on Add.
  • Close the Options window and save your form before leaving the creation area.

/!\ IMPORTANT /!\ You must save the form on the server at least once for it to display the ‘Browse…’ buttons for custom-made Word and Custom-made Excel.

Step 3. Export data.

Now, watch the results. Go to the History page of your menu and click on Custom-made Excel or PDF if needed.

You can also rename your export files. For more information, refer to our tutorial.

Custom-made Excel Kizeo Forms

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