13Sep, 2016
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Customize your app: Choose a colour theme

To customize your app, Kizeo Forms offers several colour themes and gives you the possibility of “creating” your own theme.

Kizeo Forms allows you to choose the colour of your mobile application or to select a colour theme, which will make your application more personal and more attractive.

To customize your app, Set up the colour from the mobile application.

  • Connect to Kizeo Forms with your personal identifiers. Go to the settings of the application.
  • Select the theme you want.

Select the desired theme from your mobile device.

Set up the colour from your back-office.

  • Connect to back office www.kizeoforms.com with your personal identifiers.
  • Go to the Kizeo Forms Settings tab and click on Theme.
  • Select the theme you want and click on confirm.

Color themes Kizeo Forms


The “colour” Themes.

There are seven colour themes: green, blue, pink, red, Skyblue, Nature and orange. These themes give an up-to-date design to Kizeo Forms: the icons have been changed and the chosen colours give a modern and vibrant appearance to your app.

You can choose between 7 colour options.




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  • Gayle

    03 Dec, 2019

    Can I change the colour of the heading icon (square shape) in the external lists?

    • Adeline

      03 Dec, 2019


      I’m sorry, but it’s not possible to change the square color.


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