24Dec, 2018

Manufacture Relationships and Distribute Quality! Discover Digital Forms for Manufacturing

⚙️Increase Operational Efficiency!

manufacturingManufacturing industries rely on speed, accuracy and quality to gain a competitive advantage. The use of paper forms is a strong hindrance in obtaining this. Kizeo Forms can help you digitalize your operations through out the value chain and ensure lean manufacturing.

Benefit from the digital power of Kizeo Forms. You can use the Kizeo Forms app to perform simple and complex calculations, record barcodes and NFC Tags, create checklists, add geolocations and signatures and so much more! Furthermore you can also create and send personalized reports and emails to multiple recipients. You can also fill out and send your forms without an internet connection from remote areas. Once you are back in a connected area the form is automatically sent.

Digital Forms for Manufacturing processes

📲Digitalization of the Value Chain:

Supplier Management
Manage and send requests to your supplier. Check the items received by inspecting them on receival by creating supplier inspection forms that suit your needs. 
Inventory Management
Create digital inventory forms to scan and check inventory items and automatically program emails to the right person to ensure the right quantity is maintained in the warehouse.
Perform Maintenance Operations
Create maintenance forms to schedule employees at the right time to perform maintenance checks and repairs for ideal performance of your assets.
Perform Packaging Inspections
Ensure your packages are uniform by using the Kizeo Forms application to carry out packaging inspections
Create Delivery Reports
Ensure that your packages are delivered to the right location and person. Use the signature option to ensure that the receiver has checked the packages and record if there are any damages
Perform Quality checks
Perform quality checks quickly and easily by creating simple checklists with the Kizeo forms application. Take pictures and use the drawing element to highlight specific areas in the picture. 
Health Safety Management
Use the Kizeo Forms app to perform risk assessments and ensure that safety measures are in place.

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