05Sep, 2016

The Kizeo Forms settings: General options tab

The General options tab lets you classify your form in headings and change its starting record number.

  • Go to the Configuration menu -> Forms tab.
  • Select a form.
  • Go to the Form Options and then click on the General options tab.

General options



It allows you to classify your form in a group of forms. You can :

  • Add a form to an existing group by clicking on the drop-down menu.
  • Create a new field by typing its name in the input field and then add.

General Options Heading

Sort Forms Heading


On your mobile device, the forms will also be classified according to the headings defined in the options.

The record number

The default record number is 1, but you can have it start at a number of your choice.

Choose a number to start your record number with

To remind: Each new saved data create a record number you can use in your exported reports (Tag ##_ record_number##). This number is generated for every new form filled in.


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There Are 2 Comments

  • Arsalan

    20 Jan, 2021

    Can we wqrite down alphabets in this section with a number? so that everytime you create a form, the alphabets remain the same but number increases?

    • Kurt Carpels

      21 Jan, 2021


      Unfortunately it is only possible to insert numbers as record number.

      Have an excellent day.


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