Top inspection app to ensure improvement in workforce efficiency

An inspection is usually an organised examination or a formal evaluation task.

Inspections are carried out in all enterprises no matter which industry or department. Many companies still use paper checklists to carry out these inspections.

This could cause several issues such as misinterpretation of the data filled out, loss of data etc.

Mobile forms can overcome these issues and add value to the process. It will help you collect data in real-time and send it to the concerned person directly from the field.

You can also analyse the information and put in place measures to improve the way you work at your company.

The perfect mobile app for your inspections

Kizeo Forms app on mobile and tablet

The Kizeo Forms app helps you digitalise various processes.

It allows you to:

  • Create forms and collect information
  • Optimise processes by creating workflows
  • Share, transfer and analyse data
  • Integrate the data to various other software.

A complete and flexible app for all your inspection needs

Below are some examples of the types of inspections carried out by some of our customers:
packaging inspection app

Packaging inspection checklist

Easily create and fill out your inspection forms, perform inventory checks, and transportation approvals and send out invoices. You can leverage the various features of Kizeo Forms. You can easily add geolocation, barcodes, NFC tags, add digital signatures, checkboxes and much more.

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track inspections

Railway track inspection

With Kizeo Forms, inspection reports can be sent in real-time to the relevant authorities. This enables the right technician to be sent to the right place at the right time. With a track inspection application, you can prevent manual errors, expedite the inspection process and increase staff efficiency.

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vehicle inspection

Vehicle inspection

The Kizeo Forms app is the leading vehicle inspection application for fleet managers. It facilitates the ongoing safety of vehicles through regular inspections. Furthermore, you can promote driver and customer safety by accurately identifying vehicle problems and taking immediate remediation measures.

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home inspection

Rental inspection checklist form

If you are a real estate agent or someone who works in a property management company, then this rental inspection checklist template is exactly what you need. You will have the ability to complete and sign off an inspection checklist with a new tenant. You can do so directly from your mobile device.

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tractor inspection

Tractor inspection

Guarantee the smooth and trouble-free operation of your tractors with our mobile forms. Conduct regular inspections to maintain the internal and external parts of the tractor. Ensure repairs are done on time by sending in the right person to fix and resolve any persisting issues with the tractor.

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waterproofing app

Waterproofing inspections

The use of the Kizeo Forms solution to manage waterproofing inspections helps you to monitor the entire inspection process. This encompasses the processes of training, observation, monitoring, recording and reporting. Ensure workplace health and safety as well as safety in every other building.

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building inspection

Building inspection

Verifying that the plumbing and electricity are properly installed and checking for cracks in the walls are just three examples of the several thousand items that a home inspector must assess. Mobile forms can help you perform all these inspections with ease and help you save a lot of time.

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facility maintenance

Facility maintenance inspection

Easily carry out multi-technician maintenance activities and one-off operations. Design and fill in your intervention reports, your technical session reports and your quality control audits effortlessly. Maintain spaces, structures and infrastructure in good working order by digitalising your inspections.

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hotel room inspection

Hotel room inspection

Kizeo Forms can enable a competitive advantage for hospitality companies. It can improve response times and strengthen customer and employee relationship management. Easily take pictures of the room, provide a rating, calculate a score, etc. This ensures the room is in perfect order for the next customer.

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road safety inspection

Road safety inspections

Carry out easy systematic inspections of existing roads or a particular section of a road to pinpoint defects and potential/existing hazards that may lead to accidents. Quickly add your location, take photos of potential hazards, create checklists, import data, add digital signatures & much more.

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real estate inspection

Real estate inspections

Manage Property Asset Inspections: The Kizeo Forms application helps generate a tailored inventory checklist. The physical conditions of each room can be documented by adding photos of a damaged wall, peeling paint and more. The agents could also have the tenant sign in directly on the mobile.

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safety inspection

Safety inspection

Kizeo Forms is the top safety inspection application and is used by businesses around the world to conduct mobile safety inspections. It assists you in guaranteeing a risk-free environment and in implementing corrective actions when necessary. It is the perfect way to go paperless and optimise processes.

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pest control inspection

Pest-control inspection

Through Kizeo Forms, it is possible to use your mobile device or tablet to inspect homes, restaurants and offices in order to manage pests. In addition, you can create and attach custom reports and email them to multiple individuals once you have completed the form. Ensure a pest-free site & optimise your inspections.

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janitorial inspection

Janitorial inspection

With this solution, you can easily maintain records, conduct inspections, handle cleaning equipment inventory and maintain customer records. In addition, you can also be confident that policies and purchasing procedures are being followed. In addition, you can create and send cleaning schedules to your teams.

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roof inspection

Roof inspection

Use the application to collect the customer's details, and add the address. You also have the ability to check if the equipment needed to perform the service is available or needs to be purchased. Complete on-site inspections, roof installation/repair/replacement in accordance with regulations, send invoices and analyse data.

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hvac inspection

HVAC inspection

Collect and transfer between contractors and company workers for example equipment inspections, maintenance, contracts, invoices, proposals, standard rules and regulations documents, safety checklists and more! Kizeo forms can also be used to provide consistency in your data records.

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plumbing inspection

Plumbing inspection

Kizeo Forms offers the ability to improve efficiency at every stage of the plumbing process. You can assign the right plumber to the problem, create checklists, and add photos and signatures while conducting inspections directly from your mobile/tablet device. In addition, you can also enclose and send an invoice once the form is completed.

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crop inspection

Crop inspection

Record information about crops such as growth rate, diseases, and fertilizers used and calculate harvest time conveniently with Kizeo Forms. You can also fill out your form without an internet connection, making it particularly useful for workers in the field. It is a comprehensive and flexible solution for the agricultural industry.

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What our customer has to say

“Every form we use in our daily business can be digitized in a simple and easy way by using Kizeo Forms. Kizeo Forms can yield up to 1000 pre-filled forms at a time, which helps us save time during the inspections.”

Huug van Vossen – Reliability Engineer - Actemium

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