07Nov, 2017

Let’s Get To Know Estelle, Our Business Advisor!

In this section, find out who the people working at Kizeo are! 

Estelle GenovardoEstelle - équipe Kizeo

Business Advisor

Logo Kizeo

« I am full of energy! With good humor and joy, I share with the people around me all the small pleasures of daily life. It doesn’t take all sorts to make a world, it only takes happiness and nothing more! For me, being part of the Kizeo adventure means doing my job with great joy among a generous and involved human melting-pot. »

My job

I constantly keep in touch with you, I guide you and give you useful advices in order to find the best solutions according to your needs and your projects. My main concern is to ensure that our application make your job easier every day.

My experiences

My career path is pretty simple. I studied a two-year-diploma in business. Then, now after a few years of rewarding profesional experience, I finally found Kizeo! I am ready to let you know this great company that truly is innovative and forward-looking.

My favorite expressions

« It doesn’t take all sorts to make a world, it only takes happiness and nothing more » – Paul Eluard
« I truly think that we must love ourself no matter what » – Julos Beaucarne
« I have a lot of shortcomings but I keep them all, they don’t bother me ! » – Laurence Foix

My hobbies

Eating, drinking, dancing, reading, sleeping, traveling, shopping, sharing… To sum it up: I enjoy living, living truly and completely!

Estelle Genovardo


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