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Kizeo Forms is the perfect application to manage security and surveillance

With Kizeo Forms, follow your teams remotely and manage remote surveillance or alarm operations. You have a unique support mechanism at your disposal. You can create and personalize the forms you need on a daily basis, such as security and surveillance reports, intervention reports, safety data sheets, incident reports and more!

Manage all types of interventions: surveillance, security assessments and incident management

Thanks to a wide range of tools and a wide range of settings, Kizeo Forms knows how to adapt to your needs. Each tool is designed to help you gather reliable and quality information.

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Collect reliable and quality information. You can minimize errors by including checkboxes, mandatory fields, audio recordings, checklists, photos, signatures and more.

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Export your data in different formats: Excel or CSV to reprocess your data, PDF for readable reports with the layout you want and which corresponds to your company procedures.

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You gain in efficiency as you can enter your data and transfer it from one user to another, send information from the office to your security agents who are in the field, and vice versa instantly!

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Fill out your form even from places without an internet connection thanks to the offline mode. You can retrieve your information once your back in a connected area. 

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Conduct your security inspections efficiently directly from your mobile device/Tablet.

Do you coordinate security rounds in your company? With Kizeo Forms, with a  single click your security agents can specify the date and time of arrival and departure on the scene of interventions, and add the geolocation.

The elements of the form, such as checkboxes, choice or comment boxes, will enable them to efficiently transfer the data without missing out on important information. Annotable photos can strengthen your reports as any anomaly can now be photographed and you can use the drawing element to indicate areas of interest. Once their entries are completed and validated, the reports are automatically generated and sent to you as well as your different customers by email!

How to create your surveillance logbooks  with Kizeo Forms?

You will be able to create a customized logbook form that will perfectly meet your needs with the Kizeo Forms application. Also, the Kizeo team offers you an example of a logbook form that you will find in the forms library from a large selection of templates designed by us.

Do not worry, no computer knowledge is required! In addition, our tutorials and our support services are there to help you!

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