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The Multi-Export: edit and use several Custom-made Word and Excel

The Multi-export allows you to create and use several custom-made documents (Word, Excel and PDF).

For example, you can:

  • Create a template for you customer, your supplier and your partner, with their own data.
  • Edit a template for every year.
  • Build a document with colour codes.

Once you filled the form, you will only have to export your data with the appropriate template and send it. For example, the data of the same form can become an intervention report for your manager and a simple work order for your customer.

/!\ You need to know how to create a Custom-made Word and/or Excel. For more information, you may consult our tutorial on Custom-made Word and Custom-made Excel.

Step 1. Import the custom-made Word template.

  • Go to your form.
  • Click on the Options button then go to the Exports.
  • Click on Add.
  • Choose your previously prepared Word or Excel files by clicking on slide your Word/Excel template here or drag it into the window.

add word or excel reports


  • A new window appears after your document is loaded. In our example, we add a second custom-made Word: Year 2020 Risk assessment

multiple customized reports

Now you can:

  • Export Word/Excel as default: when you click on the Custom-made PDF or Custom PDF from Excel in the History or in the Email tab, this template will be used.
  • Name of export: enable you to quickly and easily identify your template.
  • Edit the name of the exported files: you can use dynamic item tags to customize the unit exported files.
  • Display hidden fields: allows to display “hidden” fields in report based on a visibility condition.
  • Download the current model or the example.
  • Analyse the template.
  • Load a new template.
  • Delete the template.

Close the Options window and save your form before leaving the creation area.

/!\ IMPORTANT /!\ You must save the form on the server at least once for it to use the Add buttons.

Step 2. Export data.

  • Go to the History page and click on the desired format (Custom-made Word/Excel or PDF if needed) to download your document.

multiple export formats from history


Example of Custom-made Word and Excel:

Custom-made Word and Excel


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There Are 2 Comments

  • Pepijn Hamelink

    17 Aug, 2018

    I would like to use this function, but with the added functionality that the template uses the headers as formated but displayes all information in a single file. for example: i made a template for export to a external DB using this style as discribed however it is not possible to display more then 1 line of contend. but it generates X amount of individual forms wich need to be unzipped and manually placed in the right place. wen using the drag and drop function for a custom export form. it not possible to reuse a header for multiple entry’s for example the header ##date## would only be possible to place once. but its needed in three different locations.

    • Sarah Marivaux

      17 Aug, 2018

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to display more than a data per template (Custom-made Word/Custom-made Excel). This option is only avalaible for the EXcel liste and CSV.
      About your custom Excel list, it is not possible to reuse an item twice. But, you can display this information a multiple time with a Calculation item

      Best regards,

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