13Sep, 2016

Form Search Option On Your Mobile Device

Form Search Option: Find a form in the mobile search.


You perform checks of the premises (apartments, furniture, vehicles, etc.) before each rental.
Once the duration of the contract/lease is completed, you check whether the condition of the property was damaged during the rental.
You want to restore the property to its original condition (1 year ago) by easily comparing and specifically noting the defects.

It is possible to retrieve all of your forms from your mobile device with the Search function of Kizeo Forms.

Note: Your data is stored locally on your mobile device for two months so that you can check it offline. After two months, you can use the “Search” function in your history to find any saved form on the server. However, you must be connected to the Internet.

Form Search Step 1. Set your options in your Back-office.

By default, a user can not:

  • Change the data that has been entered,
  • Access the history of other users,
  • Edit the data entered by other users.

Options allow you to change these default settings:

  • Go to the Options of your form (Configuration -> Creating or Modifying a form).
  • Under the Mobile tab:
    • Select the check box ‘Enable editing of the form after its data entry’: To edit and modify data of a completed and saved forms.
    • Select the check box ‘Allow all users to view the history’: For any account users to consult all forms, including those of other users.
    • Select the check box ‘Authorise all users to modify other user’s information’: For any users to be able to modify the forms completed by other users.

Set up your forms options for searching it on your mobile.

Step 2. Search your data from your mobile device.

This function is available on iOSAndroid and Windows devices.
In order not to confuse the three operating systems, the tutorial will appear on three smartphones, thus you can use the mobile device of your preference. From left to right: iOS, Android and finally Windows Phone.

  • Access the Kizeo Forms application from your mobile device. In the Kizeo Forms menu, go to General menu.

Access to your history on your mobile by clicking the gerneral button.

  • Navigate to the Search.

The 'search' menu

  • In the search bar, enter a keyword or precise data taht is present in the form to be found.
    In this example, I am searching for “Kizeo” and I found the forms that contain the keyword that I was looking for.

Search by keyword - Kizeo.


  • By clicking one the form displayed, in my example, I have different choices: I can either preview, copy or modify the completed form.

the different possibilities

Here I want to modify it, so I click to modify.

I can click modify to modify existing data entry.

I have now a data entry availble to be modified. Once I ‘save’ the form, previous data will be overwritten. If you want to keep previous data, but start on an existing data entry, click ‘Copy’ as opposed to ‘modify’.

If you click on the PDF button:

PDF preview

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