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Kizeo Forms is the perfect application for creating Near Miss reports!

Maintain high safety standards within your company while introducing new technologies thanks to the reports issued instantly with the Kizeo Forms digital forms.

Manage and track closely the near misses taking place in the field.

Thanks to a wide range of tools and a wide range of settings offered by the Kizeo Forms application. 

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Digital forms are a great solution to maintain high safety standards within your company while introducing new technologies that are easy and convenient to work with. Kizeo Forms is the perfect tool for field workers as it is intuitive, smart and easy to handle and customize.


Avoid/Prevent accidents, physical injuries and damages on the field. Create a safer work environment for your field workers. Encourage your workers to follow standard procedures by declaring those incidents thanks to the Kizeo Forms application!

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Save time by automating! Whether you are the manager  or the Health and Safety Engineer in a multi-national company, you may have to track closely the near misses taking place in the field. With Kizeo Forms, you can now declare them directly from the field on your mobile device. 

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Works perfectly even in places without an internet connection thanks to the offline mode. Once you are back in the connected area the data is sent automatically. The Kizeo Forms application also helps you ensure that your data is stored safely 

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Quickly and easily create your near miss reports 

With Kizeo Forms, you can use your own Word and Excel documents to generate your reports to match company formats.

Record near misses from the field on your mobile or tablet. Once you fill your form and save it, you can transfer it to the relevant department directly via email.

Since all your data is centralized and archived, you will be able to use this information to prepare reports, advice, statistics or integrate this data into your management system.

How to create your near miss reports with Kizeo Forms?

You will be able to create your own form or near miss reports that will perfectly meet your needs. Also, the Kizeo team offers you an example of  a Near Miss report that you will find in the forms library from a large selection of models designed by us.

Do not worry, no computer knowledge is required! In addition, our tutorials and our support service are there to help you!

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