06Sep, 2016

Share your files on a FTP server!

The FTP server is a centralized platform for all kinds 0f documents. You can organize and sort your files in folders. Unlike attachments to emails, the FTP is a scalable file-sharing solution. Step 1: Configuration of the FTP server With Kizeo Forms, the FTP option enables you to share files (CSV, XML and media types) on a FTP server chosen by you and configured beforehand. Technical prerequisites are required to implement this option. We draw your […]

01Sep, 2016

Integrate Kizeo Forms In Your Information System

To integrate Kizeo Forms into your systems, there are several methods, depending on your internal development capacities: Export CSV data with FTP solution Our CSV export has been specially designed with the aim of being easy to integrate through another software. In the context of a software integration, we recommend using CSV format instead of Excel format. From the option of your form, you can configure […]