18Jul, 2019

Secret to Lead retrieval from any location, CRM integration and analysis

Lead retrieval is a key process for field sales executives. Through this article, learn the secret to automating data collection and the various benefits that accompany it. Follow a few simple steps to start automating this process at your enterprise. Field Sales executives collect customer information and process them on the go. This is a recurring and important activity and affects sales objectives. This information […]

13Mar, 2019

Manage customer visits from your mobile device with the Kizeo Forms application!

✅ Improve customer relationships Why spend a whole day in administrative management when it is possible to enter all the information from your customer visits directly from your tablet or smartphone? You can do so within a few minutes! The Kizeo Forms application allows you to monitor your business activities in real time. To increase the productivity of your teams, it is possible to “digitalize” […]

10Jul, 2017

Let’s Get To Know Benoît, Sales Manager At Kizeo

In this section, discover all the faces of Kizeo ! Benoît Raymond Sales Manager « In order to start our business relationship in the best way possible, my role is to listen to your needs, give you advices and guide you through your project. » My role at Kizeo As the head of the Sales Department, I am in charge of leading and managing the Sales and Customer Service […]