09Sep, 2016

Understanding and using the Barcode element

The barcode field allows you to scan or manually entry a bar code or a QR code on your form.

You work in a paper mill and you’re responsible for processing orders. The barcode field will help you to scan products quickly. If in addition you join your bar code field to a referential list you will save time! This combination will help you automate the completion of fields linked to bar codes.

Barcode scan element on the back-office.

  • Insert a Barcode component in your form.

Insert a Barcode component in your form.


This barcode is compatible with the referential list. After the bar codes have been scanned, the information linked to the bar code data will be completed automatically. To do this:

  • Create an external referential list consisting of products on sale in your shop. In this external list, you will show the bar code, reference and price of the product.

Barcode list


  • Go to Advanced Properties in the bar code field and insert the external list you have just created.

barcode advanced tab


  • After the barcode field, insert the Reference field. Here, we insert two reference fields, one for the product name and the other for the price.

After the barcode field, insert the Reference field.


  • Go to the properties and choose the reference field. Here, this will be the barcode field. Next, select the column that you wish to show in the field. Recommence this handling process with each field.

barcode columns


On your mobile. 

  • Open your form on your mobile app.

Open your form and click on the barcode.


  • When you click on the Purchase table, the following page will appear. You then have two possibilities for completing the barcode field:

Either manual entry

Or scanning the bar code. To do that, press the scanner to the right of your screen.

Flash your barcode with your scanner.

  • Once the barcode has been scanned, the information previously completed in your external list will automatically be displayed in the product and price fields (Reference fields).

The purchase items will be filled automatically.


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There Are 6 Comments

  • Shane Bergdahl

    22 Jan, 2019

    We are trying to scan a Code 128 barcode to populate a field in the form however it is not populating correctly. Any idea why?

    • Sarah Marivaux

      23 Jan, 2019

      Dear Shane,

      What do you mean by “not populating correctly”?
      Could you sent to us your barcode by e-mail (contact[@]kizeo.com)?

      Best regards,

  • Samantha Hain

    10 Jan, 2019

    Hi Guys – can Kizeo scan a QR code and add it to a record? How would I sent this up? Many thanks!

    • Sarah Marivaux

      10 Jan, 2019

      Dear Samantha,

      Is it possible to scan a QR code with the barcode element.
      Then, to add this on your document, you only need to write on your custom-made word or excel the barcode tag.

      Let us know if you have more questions or comments, 

      Kind regards. 

  • Molly

    01 Aug, 2018

    Good Morning guys!

    I am trying to automate form entry using a QR code but I can’t get it to work …. is this a possibility at all?

    • Silvia Arellano

      01 Aug, 2018

      Hi Molly!

      Thank you very much for your message. To automate the QR code you need to create a Referential list: https://www.kizeo-forms.com/en/understanding-the-referential-list/. So when you scan the code all the other data will come automatically.

      If you want we can arrange a phone meeting so I can show yo all the steps to set it up.

      Looking forward to hearing from you,

      Kind regards.

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