06Oct, 2016

Understanding and using the Calculation field

Automate your calculations with the Calculation element.

Presentation of the Calculation field.

Insert a calculation field and access its features: Go to the element options by clicking on the pencil.

Insert a calculation field and click on properties

Several options are available to you under the Properties tab:

  • Define how many digits after the decimal point will be included in your results.

configure calculation field properties

  • Define the type of results in your calculation: number or time.

Define the desired calculation format

  • By checking the Editable entry box, you can change the results of your calculation. For example, if you want to round the results.

Editable data entry option

Under the Calculation tab, you will define the fields to calculate.

Define the calculation method as well as the corresponding fields

The Calculation tool has several functions.

Simple calculation

Sum of a table

Use the calculation field as a 'Reference' field

The uniq Number

the ItemRefNum

To discover how to configure your NCF tag, do not hesitate to check our tutorial!

Conditional operators

You can condition your calculations through different operators:

List of operators


Perform a calculation according to a checkbox
Give a value in a calculation if an element is selected in a list
Perform operations with conditions - example: average
Display a result if a field is equal to another field
Using two conditions - example: display a result if a field is greater than, less than, or equal to another field
OR Function (||)
AND Function (&&)

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There Are 8 Comments

  • Riccardo

    03 Apr, 2019

    Dear Adeline Lucarelli,

    Thanks for you kind answer. I understand that the software uses the trailing zero the same way spreadsheets use apostrophe.

    The zeroes are in some cells by default. The users are more than informed that they have to delete the zero before writing the next value: it is them who reported that the action of “deleting nothing” (deleting the zeroes) is redundant and annoying.

    Alternatively, is there an option so that, when I click on a cell, all the contents get selected, and whatever I write overwrites the older content? This way, the trailing zeroes would get automatically overwritten by the new numbers.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Adeline Lucarelli

      04 Apr, 2019

      Good morning Mr Felletti,

      I understand that the removal of 0 can be annoying for your users, but unfortunately we do not have a field that automatically crush the 0 before a number.
      I remain at your disposal if you need.

  • Riccardo

    01 Apr, 2019

    We have a problem with trailing zeroes. For some reason, the software is unable to understand that (for example) “042” and “42” are the same number; “042” is treated as a text string.

    EXAMPLE: if in three cells we have “25”, “025” and “05”, the result we get is “2 502 505” instead of the correct 55.

    Deleting the zero before typing the data in dozens of cells in a row is an annoying waste of time: we would really need to find the other solution.

    • Adeline Lucarelli

      01 Apr, 2019

      This operation is voluntary.
      We have customers using the calculation field to make phone numbers for example, so we need the 0 to be kept and numbers to be cumulated.
      We understand your need but it would be necessary that your users do not use the 0 before a number. To inform them, you can open your field and go in the “advanced” tab to use the following Regular expressions input mask: ^[1-9][0-9]*$
      I remain at your disposal if you need.

  • Mark Strickland

    05 Jan, 2019

    I am trying to export a calculation field in an excel report (i.e ##calculation##) by nothing appears. Is there a way to export calculations?

    • Sarah Marivaux

      07 Jan, 2019

      Dear Mark.

      With the correct tag, your calculation field should appears.
      Could you send the name of your form to support[@]kizeo.com in order to have a look on your template?

      Best regards,

  • Bram Jansen

    31 Jul, 2018


    I’m trying to calculate the next date my items need to re-inspected. The format i’d like to use is (Date field)+ 365 (days) or 12 (months.)
    Is there a way to make this happen?

    • Sarah Marivaux

      31 Jul, 2018

      Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to calculate a date.
      The only possibility is to use your Date & Time field and the Default date option (In a year time).

      Best regards,

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