28Sep, 2016

Understanding and using the Choice element

The “choice” element enables the app users with a direct preview of a list on their mobile device. This is very useful for surveys, questionnaires and short choice lists. A Choice list may be single, multiple or ranked.

For example: being the owner of a cinema, you want to improve your establishment in order to better respond to the expectations of your customers and so you conduct a survey. You want to know among other things the gender of your customers, propose possible improvements with a list and know the favourite film genres of your customers.

In the back office.

  • Go to the platform kizeoforms.com in Modify or Create a form.
  • Click on the Choice
  • To access its features, go to the Options of the element by clicking on the pencil.

Choice element on create the form


At first glance, the Choice element works as a List.

Single entry choice list.

In our example, we want to know the gender of the customer.

  • Name it, select Presentation from the drop-down list: Single list and add the items that you want to appear.

Features choice element

To incorporate icons:

  • Go to this website, choose your icons and insert them.
  • Click on the desired icon and note the code corresponding to the icon. This code always starts with “fa-”.

Un exemple d'icône.

  • Fill in the “Icons” field with the desired icon codes in the same order as the list elements returned earlier.

Add icon in choice element

  • Do not forget to click Confirm.

Multiple entry choice list.

In our example, we propose various possible improvements for our cinema: themed film night, subtitled films, restaurant dining/cinema, premiere with actors or directors.

  • In the options of the Choice element, select Presentation from the drop-down list: Multiple selection list. Once the entry is complete, confirm.

The choice element with the multiple choice list.

A raked choice list

To complete our example, this time we want to know the preferences of our customers regarding film genres: Action, animation, comedy, documentary, drama, horror, science fiction and thrillers.

  • In the options of the Choice element, select Presentationfrom the drop-down list: Ranking.

The choice element with the ranking option.

  • Once the entry is complete, confirm.

On your mobile device.

See the appearance of the Choice element below on a mobile device. The eraser to the right of the table is used to clear responses from the list.

View from your mobile device.

Different displays allow you more freedom in the choice of responses.

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