12Jun, 2017

Let’s get to know Thomas, Fullstack Developer at Kizeo

In this section, discover all the faces of Kizeo !

Thomas - Equipe KizeoThomas Delcros

Fullstack Developer (PHP – JavaScript)

Logo Kizeo

« I am a big fan of music and geek culture. In the office, I am the one that turns caffeine into lines of code to improve your browsing and offer you new features.”

My role at Kizeo:

I joined the Kizeo Team in March 2017 as a Developer, for Front End as well as for Back End on the Kizeo Forms Product.

What are my missions? Along with my co-workers, I am in charge of maintaining the quality of Kizeo Forms. I also work on the updates and future evolutions of the product from a Back Office point of view.

My experience:

When I graduated, I took a year off to dedicate it to personal projects. For instance, I created an anagram dictionary. I also passed my driving exam which is not a piece of cake in France! After a lot of job interviews, I choose Kizeo because I really appreciated the dynamism and human aspect in this company.

My favorite expressions:

Coincidence, it is God passing by incognito.” – Einstein
Like they say where I come from …
Yep, it is not untrue.
It is not worth running, it is not worth running.

My hobbies:

My point was not to confirm most of the Geek Clichés but during my free time, I really enjoy… playing video games! I love going to Japanese and American conventions and also finding new pieces for my secret collection. 😉

I also enjoy simple things like going to the gym, having a cup of coffee with my friends and going in the forest for a stroll!

Thomas Delcros

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