26Jun, 2017

How To Use The External List Page

From the external list page, you can create, modify and delete your external lists. You can also manage their rights.

  • First, let’s log into your Kizeo Forms account from the online platform www.kizeoforms.com
  • Second, click the External lists tab on the left side of your screen-> Then My external list.

External lists page and its elements

1. General Use

In this section, we will go over the basics of this page, like for instance the display settings and the search bar option. 

Define the display settings.
Sort The Display Of External Lists.
External List Search.
Deleting unused lists.
Advanced Options For External Lists.

2. The Headings

This page allows you to manage the heading of your external lists. 

Set and modify the headings of external lists

3. Creating new lists

You have two options to create your external list, either by entering the text manually or by importing an Excel file.  

First option: write manually the elements of your list.

Second option: import an Excel file.

4. Modifying an existing list

You have two options to modify your external list, either by entering the text manually or by importing an Excel file.  

  • Click on the pen icon that appears on the left of your list in order to modify it.

How to modify an external list


First option. Modify manually the elements of your list.
Second option. Importing an Excel file to update your list.

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There Are 2 Comments

  • Riccardo

    01 May, 2019


    In the local agency of our company we have a database, and we have about one hundred customers per day, whose data are all stored in the aforementioned database. It is part of a larger software tailor-made for our company, and it is poorly compatible with spreadsheets (Excel etc.).

    Would it be possible to connect Kizeo to the database? If yes, our employees will be saved the time to rewrite a dozen data from the database to the Kizeo form for each customer.

    • Adeline Lucarelli

      02 May, 2019


      Yes, it’s possible with our API if you have a developer in your company who has the qualifications to handle it.
      You will find all the necessary informations to this link: https://www.kizeoforms.com/doc/index.php

      I remain at your disposal if you need.

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