15Dec, 2016

Understanding and using the Filtered list

Filter your external lists according to your users with a filtered list.

A filtered list shows certain elements of an external list according to the information that is in the user files. This is a “filter” for your lists.


You are the manager in a biscuit and confectionery franchise. You have created a list showing the full range of your biscuits, however your franchisees do not have access to all of your products. This depends on their country and region. Your wish is for your franchisees, depending on their location, to see only their biscuits.

Step 1. Configuration of your Customizable user fields.

Please, have a look at our tutorial on the customizable user fields.

Step 2. Configuration of your external lists.

1. Import an Excel file

This option is the best one if you are going to create long lists. Have a look at our tutorial to know more.

2. Enter manually your filtered list

  • Go to the online platform -> External Lists.
  • Create an external list or modify an existing one

Create a new list


Select your list and then you need to insert the filters that you have previously created. In order to do that, you have to add a User_ref number, add the field name to it and put everything under brackets: [[user_ref “filter number” = “field name”]].

Customizable user fields forms

 You have several options:

  • A single filter: [[user_ref1=France]].
  • A filter with two values [[user_ref1=France|Germany]].
  • Several filters [[user_ref1=France][user_ref2=South East]].

How do I create the square brackets “[” “]”?

  • Using Windows: Press the key “Alt Gr” + “5” to produce your left bracket: “[“. Press the key “Alt Gr” + “°” to produce your right bracket: “]”.
  • Using Mac: Press the key “Alt” + “shift” + “5” to produce your left bracket: “[“. Press the key “Alt” + “shift” + “°” to produce your right bracket: “]”.

The regular filter.

The two-values filter.

Several filters.

The wide filter.

Lines visible for every user.

This is how our filtered external list will appear:

Filtered list on Edit


  • Don’t forget to save your list!

Note: You can combine the filtered list with a HierarchicalReferential or Referential-Hierarchical list!

Mixed lists

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