02Aug, 2017

We Added New Features On The Block Tags!

In order to understand those new features, it is necessary for you to already have a basic understanding of how the Block Tags works.

Let’s have a quick reminder of what they actually are! The Block Tags are meant to hide part of your Word report according to what has been typed from the mobile device. For instance, let’s say that one field of your form hasn’t been filled. Well the text linked to that field won’t appear on your Word document.

Now, let’s see the new advanced features that will make your Word report look even more professional!

Currently, the Block tags allow you to put conditions of equality on the fields. With this new update, you will be able to add the following conditions:

  • Equal,
  • Different from,
  • Superior,
  • Superior or equal,
  • Inferior,
  • Inferior or equal,
  • That contains the following list,
  • That does not contain the following list.

For more details, feel free to read our tutorial on How to display or hide part of your text in your customized document. 

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