17Aug, 2017

Back Office Tips!

Today, let’s take a step further and use the advanced features available in the back office. Did you know that it was possible to search the fields that have not been filled out in a form by looking the History tab (Data Menu)? Also, if you mistakenly deleted a form, it is still possible to get it back! Adding a filter in the Search bar in the […]

16Aug, 2017

Optimize Your Pest Control Inspections With Digital Forms!

A new Pest Control Checklist is now available in the library! This form is made for Pest Control companies that regularly inspect restaurants. Save Time With this digital form, Pest Control technicians will be able to fill out a standard checklist in no time and from anywhere! By inserting a Referential-Hierarchical list with the details of each one of the services that your company provides, you give simple guidelines for your […]

09Aug, 2017

Updates On « My Users » Page In Your Back Office

New makeover of Kizeo Forms interface. «My Users» Page in your Back Office has been modified in order to improve the user experience. It is meant to: Simplify the use of the page, Save time when you create and manage your users’ profiles. The interface that allows to create and modify the user profiles has been re-organized in order to look clearer. New features to manage your […]

08Aug, 2017

Let’s Get To Know Amanda, Marketing And Communication Representative at Kizeo

In this section, discover all the faces of Kizeo ! Amanda Colombeau Marketing and Communication Representative « Always connected, at home as well as at work,  I am a real cellphone addict! For me, there is no way I go out with my friends without taking any picture to immortalize the moment, even though they may not like it as I do! At Kizeo, you will obviously find me on […]

02Aug, 2017

We Added New Features On The Block Tags!

In order to understand those new features, it is necessary for you to already have a basic understanding of how the Block Tags works. Let’s have a quick reminder of what they actually are! The Block Tags are meant to hide part of your Word report according to what has been typed from the mobile device. For instance, let’s say that one field of your form […]

26Jul, 2017

How To Adjust The Settings Of Your Pictures In Reports & E-mails

If you often add pictures to your report after you filled out your digital form on your mobile device, then this article is for you! We will go over the different ways to retrieve data from your pictures: geolocation or date for instance. Also, you can choose the size of those pictures in your custom-made report. Define the size of your pictures. Per default, the size of […]

24Jul, 2017

Download The New Timesheet Form Available In The Library

We just released a new template on the library! This form called «Timesheet» is made for HR representatives or managers to help them fill out their employee timesheet more easily and quickly. Save Time Fill your weekly timesheet in no time! By inserting a Referential-Hierarchical list with the details of each one of your employees, you just need to select the name of the employee […]

18Jul, 2017

A Few Words From Our CEO

 In this section, discover all the faces of Kizeo!  Who is behind the Kizeo company ? I am a Sci-fi fan and I would like to have invented flying carpets and teleportation already. As far as I can remember, I always loved science-fiction! I used to dream of a world full of futuristic gadgets! I watched the Bogdanoff brothers TV show! I grew up to think realistically like […]

12Jul, 2017

Let’s Get To Know Benoît, Sales Manager At Kizeo

In this section, discover all the faces of Kizeo ! Benoît Raymond Sales Manager « In order to start our business relationship in the best way possible, my role is to listen to your needs, give you advices and guide you through your project. » My role at Kizeo As the head of the Sales Department, I am in charge of leading and managing the Sales and Customer Service […]

10Jul, 2017

Digital Forms: A Great Solution To Get Rid Of Paper

  Line of business: Hydraulic Engineering Manager: Gwendal CONAN Need: Less paper and more productivity Solution: Samsung 7’’ Tablet + Kizeo Forms (12 digital forms) 1. THE COMPANY Hydraumel is a French company based in Angers, a medium-size French city located about 300 km southwest from Paris. They currently hire a staff of 10 employees. They have been working for over a decade now on designing, repairing and maintaining hydraulic equipments and […]