05Feb, 2018

Interview With Kevin Grover, Operations Manager at Stantec

  Kevin Grover Operations Manager at Stantec Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Tell us more about your company Stantec is a 23,000 person multidisciplinary AEC firm with 400 offices worldwide. We’re designers, engineers, scientists, and project managers, innovating together at the intersection of community, creativity, and client relationships. Balancing these priorities results in projects that advance the quality of life in communities across the globe. Why did […]

02Feb, 2018

How To Filter The External List Display While Filling Out a Form

It is possible, while filling out a form, to select which element(s) you want to display in your external lists. This option works whether it is a hierarchical, referential, referential-hierarchical or a code list. Settings Step 1 Go to your online platform www.kizeoforms.com, Click on the Form tab on your left Create a form or click My Form and select the form you want to modify. […]

29Jan, 2018

How To Configure Different Email Scenarios

With Kizeo Forms, it is now possible to set different emails according to what has been written in your digital form. Let’s take the example of the Delivery voucher template available in the library. Once the driver filled out the form upon delivery, several customized emails will be sent: An email to the customer service (only if a damage on the package was notified) with […]

16Jan, 2018

How To Collect Contact Information During a Trade Show

You are attending a trade show or a convention. Visitor are coming in and out from your booth. You want to be sure to collect all their contact details. This kind of event is a gold mine for your company to capture qualified lead information. You haven’t found an efficient tool yet to both collect lead information quickly via your mobile device and send them […]

03Jan, 2018

Bouygues Construction Is Going Digital with Kizeo Forms

  Bouygues and Kizeo are working together to digitize the management of Bouygues’ activities in public works. Documents such as security visits or reception sheet are now generated through digital forms. For instance, those forms are used for a construction site called EOLE, which is an extension of one of the main lines of Paris Subway. Bouygues is in charge of digging a six-kilometer tunnel and constructing a […]

28Dec, 2017

Find out about the ‘Read-Only’ option for your group leaders

New update in the rights of access. As an administrator of a Kizeo Forms account, you can set and manage the right of access of each one of the forms in your account. Those rights of access can be different according to each digital form, according to the user, to the group to whom he belongs and to his status. Let’s have a quick reminder […]

27Dec, 2017

Group of users and Group leader

Create an organisation chart, organize your users by location, etc. in your Kizeo Forms account and add a Group leader   Let’s take an example, a director wants to deploy Kizeo forms on several locations. To save time and facilitate the management of forms,  she decides that a group = a location. For organisation purposes only one Kizeo Forms account is created and she will be […]

20Dec, 2017

Newsletter We Keep You InFORMed #3 – What happened this quarter?

Find out what happen in 2017! Let’s review all the new releases and news that you may have missed this quarter! App iOS, Android and Windows. 1. Apply a filter to display only certain elements of a list It is now possible to filter which elements of a list will be displayed on your App while your are filling out a form. This particular setting can […]

19Dec, 2017

Get The Most Out Of Your Sales Visit By Using Digital Forms

You are a sales representative and you visit leads and clients in their facilities all day long. Afterward, you need to write down the details of those visits on a paper document. Moreover, you spend time entering this data on your laptop and doing follow-up (sending email, filling your database). What if you could use a tool that can automate those tasks for you? This […]