21Feb, 2017

In a custom report, how to display different formatting in a table, based on the input on the mobile?

In your custom-made Word, by using the block tag between the table rows, you can change the display according to your data collected on the ground. Goal: You are a landscaping company and you need to know quickly where you have to send your teams in intervention. At first, your employee visits different residences to check the conformance of the green areas by taking photos […]

17Feb, 2017

Create regular expressions to check the complexity of passwords!

One of the fundamental points of computer security is the password. It may be useful to help administrators and group leaders by encouraging them to use a complex passwords. These steps below will help you create a process more secure with regular expression (or  Regex). The code presented would then be used for letting the user change their passwords. Presentation : The key to strong password construction comes […]

15Feb, 2017

How to hide or display a block of paragraphs in your custom-made Word?

The Block tag enables you to display or hide a part of your Word document, which may contain text, tables, images, etc. General rules: It can be configured with all fields. It is only available for your custom-made Word. It is always on a separate line that will never be displayed. Note: It does not work in the header of the Word document. It is always built in two parts to frame the table or the block of paragraphs to […]

02Feb, 2017

New: Discover the improvement of the graph function and recover your deleted forms

At the beginning of the year, your Kizeo Forms application is improving! Your graphs have a new filter and an option to recover your deleted forms appears. The improvement of the Graphs function! As a reminder, Graphs allow you to exploit and analyse your data entered with different types: pie chart, bar chart, line and curved line chart. Add a graph to your custom-made Word with […]

02Feb, 2017

Exploit your data with graphs!

You can exploit and analyse your data with different graphs: pie chart, bar chart, line chart and curved line chart.You can moreover add your graph to your custom-made Word or Excel! Example. To establish orders, we have a purchase order form. In this form, we can find this following information: shipping method, sub total, date, type of client… We would like to exploit our date with […]

25Jan, 2017

How deleting the title and several items according to your entry in your custom report?

As a reminder, with the block tags you can customise your report according to your input ! These tags work only on the Word and its custom-made PDF. In your custom-made Word, you have a checkbox list and you want its title to be visible only if one or more check boxes are checked. This is quite possible using the block tags! From the Back-Office: Add […]

10Jan, 2017

Thanks to the Push with table, prepare your intervention with Kizeo Forms!

We upgrade the Push! To remember, Push allows you to send pre-filled forms from the office, to the mobile or tab of your field workers. Until now you could only push in the main form (fields outside a table). Today, it is possible! The push with table is an advanced level of the push. We strongly recommend starting with the tutorial explaining how to configure the push, […]

03Jan, 2017

What to expect from the biggest tech show of the year ?

The year’s biggest tech event is also the first of 2017: CES. It is like a tardy Santa claus with his gift of new consumer tech! What to expect at the biggest tech show of the year? Classics spectacle of the CES: TVs. The theme will be 4K and HDR. As the price barrier for entering 4K is pretty much gone; TV makers must sell […]

29Dec, 2016

How to send custom reports easily by email to multiple recipients?

Distribute the information collected on site directly to your colleagues, employees, sales staff, partners, customers etc. You would like to send your custom reports by e-mails to your customers or partners? Save time with Kizeo Forms by sending your data, in the form of your choice to your recipient(s)! With a list or choice field. You can define a list of contacts for sending e-mails. This list […]

27Dec, 2016

Pre requirements: operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows

The Kizeo Forms mobile application is available for the following operating systems: Android version 4.2 onwards iOS version 8 onwards Windows Phone version 8.1 onwards Windows version 8.1 onwards   The platform www.kizeoforms.com is compatible with the following internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet explorer 9/10/11, Edge.   We recommend that you update your Internet browser regularly  to provide more security, so that you can get the best from Kizeo Forms. You do not have an […]