17Oct, 2017

How To Automatically Generate a Voucher During a Delivery With Kizeo Forms

With the new form template available on our library, delivery companies will now be able to generate and send automatically a voucher to their clients in this exact moment when the driver will finish filling out the digital form. Avoid claims and legal disputes The digital form has a mandatory photo field, which means that the driver doing the delivery must take a photo of […]

10Oct, 2017

Let’s Get To Know Silvia, Our International Business Advisor!

In this section, find out who the people working at Kizeo are!  Silvia Arellano International business advisor « I love traveling and discovering new cultures, I fit in well in France by honoring the culture of wine! My job? Introducing Kizeo worldwide, listening and answering our foreign customers’ needs no matter where they come from. »   My job I am in charge of the foreign customers and more globally to develop Kizeo’s […]

03Oct, 2017

Rental Walk-Through Inspection with Kizeo Forms

You are a real estate agent or you work within a property management company, then this checklist template is exactly what you need! You will now be able to fill out an inspection checklist with a new tenant directly from your mobile device. The template is now available for download from our library!  AUTHENTICATE YOUR INSPECTION Thanks to the smart features Kizeo Forms offers, you can add […]

27Sep, 2017

Interview With Catherine PETERMANN From The Jules Verne Clinic

  Catherine PETERMANN Jules Verne Clinic – Nantes, France. Can you tell us more about your job? I work as a nurse at the Jules Vernes Clinic, in Nantes, France. This medical facility, specialized in OB/GYN, can receive up to 400 patients and gathers about 30 specialties in surgery and maternity. The clinic currently hires 810 professionals, among them 132 doctors. 155 surgeries are taking place every day. […]

26Sep, 2017

How To Send SMS Automatically After Filling Out A Digital Form

  This Tips & Tricks article was written for the most advanced Kizeo Forms users. You also need some IT skills to be able to use it.  You receive too much emails on your inbox? Plus, you all know that a lot a emails are read very quickly and some of them may end up with the spams. You need a more straight-forward solution to reach a […]

19Sep, 2017

We Keep You InFORMed: New Releases & More!

A lot of great changes occurred during these past few months to improve Kizeo Forms. New logo, new platform design and new video… Find out what you may have missed this quarter! NEW PLATFORM DESIGN & NEW LOGO On Tuesday September 12th, we introduced a brand new platform design and a new logo! Both now are a perfect match! They look bright and modern. We would […]

18Sep, 2017

Fill Out Your 5S Audit Checklist From Your Smartphone Or Tablet

We released a new form template: the 5S Audit Checklist. You can now download it from the library and carry out your 5S Audit from your cellphone or tablet! 5S Methodology The 5S methodology is widely used in several industries to organize a workplace in a more efficient way. The name comes from five Japanese words beginning with an “S” that define each step: Seiri (SORT): Remove […]

14Sep, 2017

Tips & Tricks #1: The Voice Control Option on iPhone and Android

The Tip & Tricks of today is a bit special! Indeed, we are glad to introduce you our first video! The concept remains the same: giving KF users useful tips to master the App and the platform. The Voice Control Option on iPhone & Android The subject of this video is the Voice Control option that is available on all smartphones. It is pretty helpful when you have […]

12Sep, 2017

Let’s Get To Know Vincent, Our IT Expert!

In this section, find out who the people working at Kizeo are!  Vincent Demonchy IT Expert (Web / Windows) « That geek that nobody understands during meetings, well… That would be me! I am high on caffeine all day. My job is to improve your daily experience on KF platform! Out of the office, I spend my time hanging out with my friends, having beer and trying […]

07Sep, 2017

Brand New Look For KF Platform!

Kizeo Forms brand new look unveiled soon! Our main goal is for our customers to be fully satisfied. That is why we always keep improving Kizeo Forms bearing in mind that your favorite working tool should remain easy for you to use. Tuesday September 12th, get ready to discover the brand new look of KF Platform, more modern, intuitive and simple! Don’t worry, we got everything covered! The […]