Different features to create your forms!

Several components, each customisable, are at your disposal to create the ideal form that would be the perfect fit for your business and your needs!

  • Input field
  • Text Area
  • Date & Time
  • Check Box
  • Slider
  • Counter
  • List
  • Choice
  • Geolocation
  • Contact
  • Address
  • Reference
  • Photo
  • Voice Recorder
  • Drawing
  • Attached File
  • Signature
  • Barcode
  • NFC Tag
  • Separator
  • Table
  • Text
  • Image
  • Calculation

Kizeo Forms gives you many options to create your Form the way you want it on your mobile or tablet.

Options to customise your fields!

Make use of the display options.
You can configure the display of one or several components based on one or several variables.

Configure your input masks.
To ensure that you retrieve the desired information, you can specify the required format in an input field.

Configure a field as a mandatory entry.
You can configure a field as a mandatory entry to guarantee the retrieval of important information!

Customise the appearance of your fields.
You can modify the colour and size of the various fields, and allocate an icon to each one.

Use your own external database.
You can create, import and configure simple lists, reference lists, hierarchical lists, hierarchical reference lists, with codes or even filtered lists.

Options to customise your forms!

Use your own Word and Excel documents.
You can use your own Word and Excel documents to produce reports that fully mesh with your company’s image. Without changing the habits of your colleagues.

Use a registration number.
You can configure a registration number for each of your forms. This number will be automatically updated each time you create a new form.

Configure the access rights to your forms.
You can configure access rights to your forms for each user and group of users. You can also allow or refuse the modification of an entry after it has been saved, access to user history or even the transfer of information between users.

Configure the automatic send of your reports via email.
Once your report has been prepared at your location, it will be sent automatically via email to the recipients that you configured beforehand, and in the format of your choice!

Secure your form.
You can secure the entries on your form by means of a signature. If the form is modified after it has been saved, the signature will be automatically deleted!

Configure geolocation.
For more automation, you can configure automatic geolocation when each form is opened.

Options to manage and administer your account!

Share information with your contacts on the ground.
You can send your pre-filled forms, in CVS or Excel format, to one or several contacts by doing a data push.

Manage your user groups.
You can create and configure one or several user groups and set up their access rights with respect to the account and the information on the forms.

Retrieve and analyse your data.
From the back office, export your data in the format of your choice, customised Word and Excel files, PDF, Excel list, Customised Excel list and analyse them with the graphical tool.

Options to automise the retrieval of your data!

Automatically save your data in your Dropbox account.
You can link your Dropbox account to your Kizeo Forms application and retrieve your data!

Store your data on a FTP server.
You can configure your data to be saved daily on your FTP server.

Integrate your Kizeo Forms data into your systems.
By using the database connector and/or the API (Web Service Rest), you can manage and manipulate the totality of your Kizeo Forms data.

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