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What Is A User?

A user is the individual who uses Kizeo Forms to fill out forms from a mobile device and/or from the online platform.

1 user = 1 mobile device = 1 connection


Can I get A Discount?

If you subscribe for several users, we do offer discounts on certain number of annual licences. For more information please contact us.

purchase order

What Should I Do If I Have A Purchase Order?

It is very easy! To activate your license(s), please send your purchase order to and mention your company code.

currency convert

£ Is Not My Currency

I would like to have an estimate of how much I will spend in my currency. Have a look at this real-time currency converter.

The essential evaluation questions to choose the right Mobile Forms Application

payment method

How Can I Pay?

By Credit Card: account(s) activated immediately.

By Paypal*: account(s) activated immediately.

By Bank Transfer: account(s) activated when the payment is received.

*If you have a Paypal account, you can program an automatic renewal of your monthly licenses. To automate or stop your payments, go into the settings of your PayPal account.


The current VAT rate is 20%. VAT is automatically added to the pre-tax price on my bill.

I will give my intra-community VAT identification number and I’ll pay the VAT in my country of residence. If I do not have this number, I would be charged in France. It will be added to my bill.

I am not charged for the VAT. The final price will be the pre-tax price.

any questions


If you have any question regarding the pricing and the features of Kizeo Forms, we would be more than happy to answer your doubts! Send us an e-mail at or call us at: +33 (0)4-90-23-67-60.

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