The clients of the Kizeo Forms service use the website to house data and information.

The Service can be accessed remotely by means of a login and a password chosen by you and a company code approved by Kizeo. A test for uniqueness is carried out by the system.
The client can only access the software application through the combination of these three codes for reasons of security and confidentiality.
Our communication protocols are secure, all communications are sent over HTTPS connections (the little padlock icon), which enables the secure viewing of your data. It also enables you to make secure card payments.

Kizeo forms is housed at OVH, the third ranking web hosting company in the world.

Our servers are located in France, in two different places that are far apart from each other geographically: Roubaix and Strasbourg.

Therefore, with regard to web hosting, Kizeo offers a reliable technical environment, high availability and optimal security thanks to the architecture of its security-certified data centres, as well as its compliance with technological solutions. Our server architecture is redundant. Therefore, in the event of a failure on one of the sites, the other takes over immediately. Moreover, we do additional back-ups.


The present personal data protection charter governs the collection and processing of personal information collected through the website of the company Kizeo, available at the internet address

The totality of the personal data collected on the aforementioned website constitute confidential data which can be transmitted or used only in accordance with the conditions set forth hereinafter.
The information and the personal data collected on this website are subject to computer processing under the conditions stipulated by the law of 6 January 1978, namely the French law on Information technology and Freedoms. They are limited to the processing of the user’s request.
This website protects personal data in compliance with the above-mentioned law and the decision no. 2006-138 rendered by the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL).

The collection of personal information

Kizeo agrees to not collect any personal information enabling the direct or indirect identification of users of the Website, unless said persons expressly accept to provide the information voluntarily, either by communicating personal information by means of data collection forms made available on the Website for this purpose, or by sending an email, or by any other means of communication via the Website.

All personal information requested with a view to implementing the service is mandatory and can only be processed for the purposes for which it was collected.

Kizeo undertakes to implement and ensure the application of all the safeguards as well as the technical and organisational security measures needed to guarantee the security, integrity and confidentiality of the personal information of the Website users.

Kizeo agrees to neither sell nor transfer to any third parties the personal information collected by or on the Website without prior express consent from the users.

The purposes for the collection of personal information

Kizeo collects personal information for the purpose of:
– creating a client account and providing access to the service;

– managing relations with prospective clients and, in particular, responding to the requests of users through the Website, via email or post or by telephone;

– answering the requests and questions asked by the users in the designated “Contact” section of the website.

By providing his email address, the user of the website agrees to receive information via email.

Securing the data

Kizeo is taking the appropriate technical and organisational measures, pursuant to the applicable legal provisions, to safeguard users’ personal information against illegal destruction, loss or inadvertent modification, or even unauthorised disclosure or access. To this end, technical measures (such as firewalls) and organisational measures (such as a system comprising login and password, means of physical protection, etc.) have been implemented.

Acceptance of the present Charter

This Charter is deemed to be accepted without reservations by any internet user visiting the website.