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Kizeo Forms is the perfect application to monitor your crops and ensure quality harvest

Ensure your crops are of perfect quality and disease free with the Kizeo Forms application. Send automatic reports of your crop inspections to the respective teams to ensure perfect quality!

Here are some examples of forms you can create:

  • Crop Monitoring Reports
  • Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance Inspections
  • Fruit and Vegetable Quality sampling
  • Regulatory policies

Kizeo Forms adapts to your needs!

Thanks to the simple drag and drop form creation platform, you can add various elements to your form such as geolocation, photos, signatures etc and create a form that meets your needs. Gather accurate information and do not miss out important information. The Kizeo Forms allows you to record data even when you are not connected to the internet which is highly beneficial for those working on the field. Once you are back in a connected area the data is automatically saved on the server. Create and use checklists to perform crop inspections and transfer pre-filled forms with the Kizeo Forms application.

 With Kizeo Forms, we managed to get the company to have a report 5 times faster. Now, we can generate data from the field and obtain savings in time and paper usage. César Suárez Rojas, Production and logistics manager at Michelle Company
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Transfer accurate and quality information!

With Kizeo Forms, you can use your mobile device or tablet to monitor the crops, record field and logistics data, perform tractor inspections as well as create and attach customized reports and send them via email to multiple recipients once you complete filling out the form. It is a highly flexible and accurate forms automation software.

From now on, you can carry out your crop inspections directly from your mobile or tablet and send reports of them automatically to the respective departments!

How to create your Crop Monitoring Report with Kizeo Forms?

With the Kizeo forms app, you will be able to use the simple form creation platform to create a Crop monitoring form that will meet your needs. Also, the Kizeo team offers you other models/templates of forms designed by us available in the forms library.

Do not worry, no additional computer knowledge is required! Moreover, our tutorials and our support services are here to help you!

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