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Kizeo Forms Features


Kizeo Forms has two inseparable elements. The first one is the online platform designed to create your digital forms and retrieve your data. The second one is the mobile App that allows on-site data collection from a mobile device.

Kizeo Forms Online Platform

The online platform

Create and customize your own digital forms in a blink of an eye thanks to a simple and intuitive online platform. Your data is then safely stored, ready to be retrieved and analyzed at any time. Plus, using Kizeo Forms doesn’t require any IT skills!
Crear un formulario digital
Create digital forms
Consultar formularios digitales en la plataforma
Retrieve your data
Analizar datos formularios
Analyze your data

The Mobile App

With the App, the field users will fill out the digital form(s) from their smartphone or tablet online or offline. The Application is available for iOs and Android devices.
Apple Store
App Store
Google Play
Google Play
Notez votre Application Kizeo Forms sur le Windows Store.
Windows Phone
Kizeo Forms App on mobile devices

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For 15 days, you will have unlimited access to our platform and App to create and fill out digital forms!

Features available with Kizeo Forms

Fotos formulario digital
Mapa formulario digital
Firma electrónica en un formulario móvil
Electronic signature
Código de barra formulario digital
Checklist formulario digital
Base de datos formulario digital
Agregar texto y números en un formulario digital
Cálculo formulario electrónico
Opción de dibujo en formulario digital
Poner fecha en un formulario digital
Date & Time
Archivo fijo formulario digital
Fixed document
Etiqueta NFC formulario electrónico
NFC tag
Añadir contacto formulario digital
Control deslizante formulario digital
Opción audio en un formulario digital
Tabla en formulario digital
Dirección formulario digital
Texto fijo en un formulario digital
Fixed text

Flexible and easy to customize!

Expenses, near miss report, timesheet, audit, safety checklist…
Kizeo Forms can turn into the document that you need! It is an intuitive tool that is also totally flexible, which makes it possible to create any kind of document for any industry!

You have a question?

You have a question regarding the App, the platform or a digital form? Feel free to contact our team, we will gladly assist you!
Contact our Kizeo Team
You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (UTC+1) or ask us to call you back at your convenience.
Email preguntas formulario digital
Send us your question(s) by e-mail or through our online contact form.
Documento excel formulario digital
Send us the document that you wish to create digitally and we will advise you.

Start a free trial now! 


For 15 days, you will have unlimited access to our platform and App to create and fill out digital forms!