Automate data collection with Mobile Forms!

Create customizable and flexible forms, fill out your forms and send them from any location!

Mobile Forms to transform your business!

Follow these simple steps to automate various processes at your organization!

1. Collect rich data using our flexible and intuitive platform

Online platform

Create custom forms with the powerful Form Builder

checked icon Simple Web Drag and Drop Form Builder

checked iconCreate Customized Forms

checked iconIncorporate Smart elements

checked iconImport your data on to the form builder such as your customer database, product database, etc..

checked iconUse templates available from our Forms Library and modify them to suit your needs!

Create Custom Forms in minutes by using smart elements available on the Form Builder


Take pictures from your smartphone or tablet or add them from your device’s library to illustrate your reports. You can also send those pictures by e-mail.


This option allows you to locate exactly your position by pinpointing it on a map or by giving you your accurate GPS coordinates.


Authenticate your reports thanks to the electronic signature. Your employees, clients or providers can sign on the spot any document, which make it official and easier to identify.


This option is perfect for inventories! When scanning with your mobile device the barcode previously registered in your digital form, all the references associated with this item will appear automatically.

Checklist formulario digital

Perfect to fill out a checklist! Thanks to a list of options that you create and customize entirely, the user can quickly select one or several element(s) of this list.

Base de datos formulario digital

Import your Excel database in Kizeo Forms to create lists (of clients, employees, references, etc.). Add them to your forms to make it easy and quick to fill them out.

Agregar texto y números en un formulario digital

Write any kind of text and round or decimal figures in your form. You can enter it manually or using the voice control option.

Cálculo formulario electrónico

No more need to calculate manually! With Kizeo Forms, you will be able to set simple or complex calculations depending on what the field user is entering in the form.

Opción de dibujo en formulario digital

Draw on your digital form any kind of sketch or draft to illustrate your report. The final drawing can be included in the report in the format of your choice.

Poner fecha en un formulario digital

Choose a date and time very quickly thanks to an intuitive tool. It can come in handy to have the exact time when your digital form was filled.

Archivo fijo formulario digital

Insert a PDF or JPG file into your digital form. This way, the field user is able to see or read the document while filling out his form.

Etiqueta NFC formulario electrónico

Associate several elements of your form with a NFC tag. When scanning it with your mobile device, all the data will show up automatically.

Añadir contacto formulario digital

Fill out all your contact informations (name, company, position, e-mail address, etc.) manually or automatically via the directory of your mobile device.

Control deslizante formulario digital

With this slider option, you will be able to put a rating or an  evaluation just by moving the slider bar from left to right. Choose the minimum and the maximum value.

Opción audio en un formulario digital

Record voice messages via your smartphone or tablet and retrieve and/or send the audio file to the person of your choice. A very convenient option for long testimonials or interviews!

Tabla en formulario digital

The table option allows to repeat the same kind of data entry but with different values. Afterward, you can retrieve and/or send your table(s) in the format of your choice (PDF, Excel or Word).

Dirección formulario digital

Manually or through the geolocation option, add the location where you are or where you need to carry out an intervention.

Texto fijo en un formulario digital

Add a fixed text, such as instructions, that your field worker will be able to read while filling out the document.

Fill out your form from any location using the

Mobile Application

With the App, the field users will fill out the digital form(s) that were created on the web platform from their smartphone or tablet online or offline. The Application is available for iOs and Android devices.

✅ Real time transfer of information

✅ Send data without an internet connection

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App Store
Google Play
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Windows Phone
Kizeo Forms App on mobile devices

2. Optimize processes and accelerate the diffusion of information

Improve communication between the different departments at your enterprise by establishing a real time connection with your employees on the field


Create user groups to differentiate access rights between various teams and their managers to set up a defined hierarchy for data access.

Define who can access forms and edit permissions

Create and send programmed emails upon form filling to the hierarchy or send emails to the relevant departments once the forms are filled and sent.


Send pre-filled forms to users containing information related to the task For example, A Manager can transfer the client location as a notification via the app to the field sales agent allowing him to travel to the desired location and to fill out the remaining information once he visits the client

Transfer data among and between various teams

Send data in real time to enable team members to complete tasks efficiently


Monitor tasks completed by the team

Export the data received and analyze for errors and reconfigure your forms accordingly to achieve the best results

Improve relationships with all your stakeholders and share information in real time!

Transfer form data through out the value chain via email to multiple recipients.

✅ Send data and reports to your customer in real time. Ex: Send quotes, summary report, contracts etc

Send data to all the stakeholders based on your tasks and based on form results.

External workflows

3. Analyze and implement continuous improvement programs at your organization

Send custom reports

Send your reports instantly and automatically from any location!

✅ Create and attach totally personalized reports in multiple formats such as excel, pdf and word to your forms

✅ The reports can automatically be sent via email to multiple recipients once the form is sent.

✅ Add rich elements to your reports such as photos, logos, text, barcodes, checkboxes etc

✅ Define certain form conditions to send emails to a specific recipient when a specific condition is met.

Create personalized Dashboards and make business improvements

✅ View Historical data for all your forms. Export and create your own reports or use the Kizeo Forms Dashboard to create custom charts to analyze data

✅ Identify and review Key Performance Indicators.

✅ Make changes in your business processes and take business decisions after an in-depth custom analysis.

4. Integrate with various platforms for no additional cost!


Various integration possibilities!

With the Kizeo Forms application, for no additional cost, you can benefit from several integration possibilities. We offer integrations with API, Dropbox, SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and PDF.

API web service

Our customers use the Kizeo Forms REST API to integrate with the following platforms:

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Sage logo
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Your information systems
“At SNCF Reseau, we use this very complete API to retrieve our engineering data and automatically view data in the Open Data Soft solution. Thanks to the complementarity of these so-called Citizen Dev solutions (no code or low code), our businesses are now able to safely set up powerful solutions that provide many services and allow us to have a more predictive vision.“Regis Vilmus, Project Manager Digital and Innovation at Engineering and Projects - SNCF RÉSEAU
Kizeo Connector

Recover data with the Kizeo Forms Connector

✅ Once the Kizeo Forms connector has been configured and installed on one of your servers, as soon as a new data input is done on the Kizeo Forms application, you can automatically recover the corresponding information, media and PDFs on your server.

✅ You can also automatically recover and insert the data into your database.

Export data to your FTP Server!

From your form options, you can configure the CSV export to integrate with the FTP. Sending data to your FTP servers is done once a day, at the hour that you desire.

Send data and reports automatically via email!

Using the Kizeo Forms application, you can also attach and send reports to multiple recipients via email upon form completion. This helps you send data not just internally within and between teams, but also externally to your stakeholders!

FTP Server
email transfer
Hotel room inspection on ipad

Easily manage your activities

The Kizeo Forms app is a flexible and intuitive solution that adapts to your needs so you can control your field activities and improve your performance!

Use the application to save time, increase efficiency and improve responsiveness. Thanks to Kizeo Forms, you will be able to automate all your internal processes, centralize information and exploit your data efficiently.

Our customer saves 2 hours per day using Kizeo Forms!

Test Kizeo Forms now for free for 15 days without any commitment! Save time and improve workforce efficiency at your enterprise today!