Workflow automation to transform your business processes!

Improve workflow management with the Kizeo Forms mobile forms automation software

Forms automation refers to the creation of digital versions of paper forms using a forms automation solution. You can use Forms Automation to reduce paperwork across your enterprise. With the right tool, you can start capturing information by creating electronic versions of your forms.

With Forms Automation, you can easily perform mobile data entries. Furthermore, you can also share forms with stakeholders, easily retrieve data in seconds, and securely store them for later use.

Workflow automation simplifies the management of complex business processes. For example, when a form is filled out, a user action or an internal signal is triggered. The automated workflows can move or transform data according to your instructions. This hands-off approach reduces repetitive and time consuming work.

workflow automation

Manage data resources through mobile data collection

Improve communication between the different departments at your enterprise by establishing a real time connection with your employees on the field. Manage business data and guide the flow of information.

mobile forms automation manage teams

Manage teams

  • Create user groups to define access rights between various teams and their managers. This helps you set up a defined hierarchy for data access.
  • Define who can access forms and edit permissions and manage data sources.
  • Define email scenarios on the online form builder. Create and send programmed emails upon form filling to the hierarchy. Send emails to the relevant departments once the digital forms are filled and sent.

mobile forms automation manage tasks

Manage tasks

  • Send users pre-filled forms containing task-related information. For example, a manager can transfer the customer’s location as a notification via the app to the field sales agent. This allows the sales agent to go to the desired location and complete the remaining data.
  • Transfer data among and between various teams even without internet connectivity
  • Use the planning function to schedule various activities for each user. The employee just has to fill out the information from his mobile device.

mobile forms automation monitor work

Monitor Work

  • Monitor tasks completed by the team
  • Export the data received and analyse for errors and reconfigure your forms accordingly to achieve the best results
  • Send data in real time to enable team members to complete tasks efficiently
  • Check if tasks have been completed or in process and push information when and where necessary.

Improve relationships with all your stakeholders and share information in real time!

✅ Transfer form data through out the value chain via email and custom reports to multiple recipients.

✅ With Kizeo Forms, you can send data and reports to your customer in real time. Ex: Send quotes, summary report, contracts etc

✅ Send data to all the stakeholders based on your tasks and based on form results.

✅ The solution allows you to go paperless and create digital versions of your forms. Collect data easily using the mobile app available for smartphones and tablets.

mobile forms automation stakeholders

Kizeo Forms is a digital tool that turns out to be very flexible. It provides all the features needed to build any kind of forms. It is a solution that perfectly answers to our company expectations. It allows everyone in his own field and position to contribute to digitising our activity.

Fabrice RUSSO, Chanas District Manager, VINCI AUTOROUTES

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Easily manage your data collection process

The Kizeo Forms application is a flexible and intuitive solution that adapts to your needs. It enables you to manage your field service and improve your business performance!

Use this simple drag and drop form builder to save time, increase efficiency and improve responsiveness. Thanks to Kizeo Forms, you will be able to automate all your internal processes, centralise information and exploit your data efficiently.

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