A simple 3 step solution to create and send your timesheets on time

Create your timesheet

Use our web form builder to create and modify unlimited forms or select the free timesheet template from our library.

Collect data from any location

Then, using the mobile application installed on your smartphone, your field teams can fill out the timesheet and submit it.

Consult your reports

From the web interface, you can consult the data and reports of your teams. Analyse the data collected and make key business decisions

Essential elements to create your smart mobile timesheet

We understand that mobility is essential for your work and have thus included several essential features to create your digital timesheet

Add the precise date, time and location

Record hours worked, overtime, leave requests automatically from your mobile device. You can automate calculations and process requests on the go!

Attach invoices and expenses 

Compensate your employees directly by attaching invoices of expenses on a daily basis directly from the mobile device. You can easily attach documents and images to record your expenses immediately instead of the end of the month …


Add digital signatures and send reports via email

Authenticate your timesheet with the digital signature option. You can also process various requests by submitting your timesheet and sending them via email attachments to the respective manager.

Our platform also offers several other options such as choice, checklists, table, automatic calculations, geolocation, sliders, lists, API integration and more!

Simplify time tracking

Kizeo Forms is a mobile forms application to automate various activities. Transform your paper timesheets into digital timesheets.

100% customizable

Create customised forms, reports and emails to ensure they match your needs

Create and manage teams

Create and define visibility conditions for your teams. Add up-to 10 users during your free trial.

Offline mode

Fill out your timesheet even without an internet connection and collect information from the remotest areas.

Numerous editable form templates are provided in your account and accessible from the Kizeo Forms web interface for no additional cost. This will help you get started on the right foot!

Explore custom reports

Generate your customised reports with a single click from any location!

Available in multiple formats

Time to stop re-entering data collected from the field on to your business systems! With Kizeo Forms, fill out your timesheet using your smartphone and instantly transform it into tailor-made reports in different formats: Excel, PDF and Word.


Media integration

Invoices, attachments and photos… Your personalised report is generated automatically and is enriched with all the elements collected on the field: photos, checklists, geolocation points, electronic signatures and much more!


Email Scenarios

From the web interface, define e-mail scenarios that will allow you to automatically send your personalised report to the various parties involved in your project: head of the department, human resources representative, purchasing department etc.

Every form we use in our daily business can be digitized in a simple and easy way by using Kizeo Forms. Kizeo Forms can yield up to 1000 pre-filled forms at a time, which helps us save time during the inspections.

Huug van Vossen - Reliability Engineer at Actemium

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