Turn your mobile device into a real working tool to collect on-site data

How does Kizeo Forms work?


Kizeo Forms is a simple tool to digitize your business by allowing to create the electronic version of your paper forms. Kizeo Forms is composed of two inseparable elements: the online platform and the mobile App.

Create a Kizeo Forms account

Create an account 

on our website. Enjoy a 15-day trial and have an unlimited access to create digital forms and use all the options offered by Kizeo Forms.
Create new digital forms

Design your own digital form

on the platform (from a laptop or a computer) using a large set of smart options, such as photo, geolocation, electronic signature, barcode and more!
Smart options for digital form
Download the Kizeo Forms App

Download the App

on your mobile device (smartphone or tablet). The Application is available on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone.
Available on the stores
Fill out a digital form

Fill out your form

from your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) from anywhere. The application also works in offline mode.
Send automatic reports

Reports & e-mails

will be generated automatically and instantly. Choose the desired settings in your digital form (step 2) in order to receive customized PDF, Excel and Word documents.
Analyze your data

Retrieve your data

and analyze it quickly and easily from the online platform to have a better vision of your activity

Kizeo allows us to create multiple forms for specific users to meet their data needs. We don’t need multiple or custom applications to do this anymore, and Kizeo Forms gives us more flexibility than a static PDF form does.Kevin Grover, Operations Manager, Stantec, Canada

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