Conduct walk through home inspections with the Kizeo Forms application

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Kizeo Forms is the perfect application to conduct home inspections

Whether you are a real estate agency mandated by a landlord, a property manager, or a bailiff, with Kizeo Forms make the most accurate and complete inbound and outbound inventory of household items, room by room, from the floor to the ceiling!

Conduct home inspections efficiently and quickly!

Photograph a damaged wall, a cracked tile, peeling paint, detail the condition of each room and have the tenant sign directly on your mobile or tablet. Once your entry is recorded, your report is automatically generated in PDF format and can be programmed to be emailed automatically to the people concerned.

Home inspections data flow with Kizeo Forms

Home Inspection, Cracked glass

Create various types of customized forms

Building inspections with Kizeo Forms

Walk through inspection

propert inspections with kizeo forms

Property Inspection

Invoice with Kizeo Forms


Rental agreements with Kizeo Forms

Rental Agreements

Rental notice with Kizeo Forms

Notice to vacate

Lease renewal with Kizeo Forms

Lease termination and renewal

3 Simple steps to get started!

Create your forms from the Kizeo Forms online platform

Access the online web platform from your laptop/computer to create forms to suit your needs. Use a wide range of options on your form such as photos, geolocation, drawing, signatures, slider etc … We also have several templates on our forms library to help you get started.

Collect data from your mobile device or tablet

Download the Kizeo Forms application from the Play Store or the Apps Store to fill out the forms directly from your smartphone or tablet. Data entry is done in real time with or without access to the Internet. Once the data collection is complete, a report can be generated instantly and automatically sent to multiple recipients. You will no longer need to re-transcribe the information on to your computer.

Analyze your data and make business decisions

After filling out your forms from the mobile device, your data is accessible on the Kizeo Forms online platform. Configure custom charts to analyze your Key performance indicators. Your data can be downloaded in many formats (Word, Excel, PDF) and can be integrated to various platforms.

Save 2 hours per day and see a 30% increase in productivity!

Gallery or photos

Take photos and annotate damages

timestamp reports

Generate timestamped reports


Add the geolocation directly while performing inspections


Attach agreements, insurance, terms and conditions etc


Add digital signatures to your reports

Send reports quickly

Improve processing time & generate quality reports

Use our Form templates

You can make your own Rental inspection reports, lease renewal forms… or use our templates. In all cases, don’t worry you don’t need extensive programming skills. You can also count on our tutorials, our service and technical support.

Every form we use in our daily business can be digitized in a simple and easy way by using Kizeo Forms. Kizeo Forms can yield up to 1000 pre-filled forms at a time, which helps us save time during the inspections.Huug van Vossen - Actemium

Automate home inspections!

Improve workforce efficiency!  Test Kizeo Forms now for free for 15 days without any commitment!
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