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With Kizeo Forms create your customized Maintenance reports

Test for 15 days free of charge and without commitment

Kizeo Forms is the perfect application to perform and monitor maintenance inspections.

Ensure timely predictive maintenance and provide quality service. Send automatic reports of your inspections to the respective teams to ensure quality service!

Here are some examples of forms you can create:

Kizeo Forms is the perfect forms automation tool!

With Kizeo Forms, you can use a wide range of tools available on the online platform to create your customized forms. Kizeo Forms is a very flexible application allowing you to create personalized forms that can be used to automate various activities. The Kizeo Forms allows you to record data even when you are not connected to the internet which is a valuable asset to perform maintenance inspections. Use checklists to perform inspections, Add photos, geolocation, signatures and transfer pre-filled forms with the Kizeo Forms application.

Every form we use in our daily business can be digitized in a simple and easy way by using Kizeo Forms. At this moment we use Kizeo Forms for inspections concerning the ATEX legislation, different types of test sheets, engineering, etc. New forms will be filled in for the work or partial forms will be prepared using the push function. This can yield up to 1000 pre-filled forms at a time, which is a great deal of time gain during the inspections.I like the geo-tracker the most. We are currently using this feature with a number of customers to indicate the items inspected on a map of the customers location. Huug van Vossen, Reliability Engineer at Actemium
Agricultural forms ipad

Monitor the performance of your assets!

With Kizeo Forms, your mobile or tablet can be used to monitor the performance of your assets, record regular maintenance checks, analyze them as well as generate reports in an efficient and methodical manner. You can also attach reports to your form and send them via email to the respective departments upon form completion.

From now on, you can carry out your maintenance inspections directly from your mobile or tablet and send the data automatically to the respective departments!

How to create your Maintenance Reports with Kizeo Forms?

You will be able to create a Maintenance form from scratch incorporating various elements with the Kizeo Forms app. Also, the Kizeo team offers you other models of forms designed by us available in the forms library.

Do not worry, no additional computer knowledge is required! Moreover, our tutorials and our support service are here to help you!

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Agricultural reports with Kizeo Forms

Our customers save 2 hours per day with the Kizeo Forms application

Save time and improve workforce efficiency! Test Kizeo Forms now for free for 15 days without any commitment!