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« One of the results with working with Kizeo Forms is that we are more accurate than in the past.

You can easily drag and drop the fields, you can change properties, you can add all kinds of fields, photographs, calculations, text fields, numeric and more to your forms. It is very simple!

Two years ago we started with three accounts. At this moment, we have sixty accounts and I think that in two or three years, everybody is working with Kizeo Forms in our organization. »

Facility management sector

testimonial buoygues energies and services UK

“We use Kizeo every day within the business. I am an advocate for Kizeo within the UK and I am championing its implementation within all areas of the business within the UK. At present, we have completed 6222 forms and there are 49 types of forms. The forms we use are timesheets, risk assessments, permits, electrical testing certificates and a suite of health and safety forms. I have created all the forms we currently use. All levels of the organisation use the forms  from operators on site to directors. The transition has been great and people are getting excited and realising the benefits.

Gianluca Di Fruscia
Continuous Improvement Manager

Engineering and Architectural design sector

Secteur du BTP

“Kizeo Forms is used across multiple business lines for field data collection for safety formsinspectionsmileage logs, and photo inventories.We don’t need multiple or custom applications to do this anymore, and Kizeo Forms gives us more flexibility than a static PDF form does.”

Logo StantecKevin Grover
Operations Manager

Manufacturing sector

manufacturing industry testimonials

“Because of the Kizeo Forms application, we use less paper and there is no more typing from the paper to the computer. The application is easy to implement and the table element is my favourite and corresponds to my usage


  Mathilde Morin
  Quality and SERE Manager

Maintenance sector

Secteur de la Maintenance

“Kizeo is guiding daily our field technicians at Sodexo Energy and Maintenance. Thanks to Kizeo Forms, digitization has become a real tool within reach. We now save a substantial amount of time.

logo sodexoCharles REMANDE
Manager of the Environment and Energy department

Railway Transport Sector

Secteur du Transport Ferroviaire - Train

“With Kizeo Forms, the supervisors increased their productivity by about 30%. Thanks to the data collection from mobile devices with Kizeo Forms, the time spent on writing reports was significantly reduced.”

logo SNCF success storiesRégis VILMUS -Railway Engineer at SNCF (French Railway Company)

Road Transport Sector

Secteur du transport routier

“Kizeo Forms is a Digital tool that turns out to be very flexible and provides all the features needed to build any kind of forms. It is a solution that perfectly answers to our company expectations and allows everyone in his own field and position to contribute to digitizing our activity.”

Logo Vinci Autoroutes

Fabrice RUSSO
Chanas District Manager 

Medical Sector

Secteur du Médical

Creating a form via Kizeo Forms was very quick for me and didn’t require any particular knowledge in computer science. We are able to retrieve the data and choose which type of file we want to export.”

Logo Clinique Jules Verne à Nantes

 Catherine PETERMANN

Non-Profit sector

Non-Profit Organizations

“By using Kizeo Forms, Creatio was able to save a lot of time during their representation at various conferences. It eliminated the arduous effort of writing everyone’s name down manually and automated this process by replacing it with simple digital forms that are quick and easy to fill and can be easily uploaded to the database.”

Creatio Logo Digital FormsAdam Henrichs
Executive Director

Hydraulics sector

Secteur de l'hydraulique

“We save at least 2 hours per day because of Kizeo Forms! This made the communication within the company way better because the information is rapidly exchanged. Our reports are detailed and accurate.”

Logo Société Hydraumel

Gwendal CONAN

Agricultural sector

Agricultural Industry

“With Kizeo Forms, we managed to get the company to have a report 5 times faster. Now, we can generate data from the field and obtain savings in time and paper usage”

logo michelle Costa ricaCésar Suárez Rojas
Production and Logistics Manager

Energy sector

Secteur de l'énergie

“Every form we use in our daily business can be digitized in a simple and easy way by using Kizeo Forms. Kizeo Forms can yield up to 1000 pre-filled forms at a time, which helps us save time during the inspections.”

Huug van VossenLogo Actemium Maintenance
Reliability Engineer


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