Nowadays, many professionals from different industries trust Kizeo Forms to digitize their activity. Kizeo Forms is a flexible solution that enables the creation of customized digital forms with multiple applications within their company.

Industries using digital forms today


Monitor progress from the field and supervise operations on every construction site (daily report, incident report)


Monitor and follow up on the field interventions carried out by your technicians


Collect informations and generate reports during your sales visits and automate the lead & client follow up.


Collect patient information during your medical visits or procedures and generate automatic reports and/or prescriptions.

Oil & Gas

Supervise and report on the daily activity of the well site from any mobile device (logbook, near-miss report, etc.).


Collect instantly data from the field and monitor your crops with digital forms.


Declare your expenses quickly with digital forms and share them automatically with your accounting department.

Trade Shows & Convention

Collect lead informations during trade shows and generate reports & automated e-mails.

Real Estate

Carry out your house walk-through inspections and visits with digital forms.


Collect on-site informations and generate reports instantly during your day and night watches.


With Kizeo Forms, generate inspection reports on the spot from any mobile device.

Human Resources

Keep track of your employees’ hours by submitting electronic timesheets on any mobile device.

Transportation & Logistics

Generate delivery vouchers and automated e-mail(s) during your deliveries.

Pest Control

Digital forms are the perfect tool for pest controllers to carry out interventions and create report on the spot.

Home Care Services

Collect data during your home care visit and give your clients a satisfaction form to fill out.


Implement processes such as 5S audit checklist to optimize and secure your workplace.


Carry out real-time inventory in your warehouse or store from your mobile device.
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Hospitality Management

Fill out checklist inspections from any mobile device to ensure the cleanliness of your facilities.


With digital forms, field technicians can now collect data on site during their maintenance visits.

All industries!

Kizeo Forms is a flexible and customizable working tool that can adapt to any kind of activity.
You can design your own digital form exactly the way you want it. The applications and possibilities of Kizeo Forms are unlimited! The smart features available to create digital forms are interactive and advanced. The online platform and the mobile App are intuitive, easy to use and don’t require any particular IT skills.

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