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Security is our top priority!

Discover secure mobile forms with Kizeo Forms

Our aim is to guarantee a high level of data security. Therefore, our team members ensure we deliver secure mobile forms, carefully considering all aspects of security, from design to implementation.
We recently conducted a security audit performed by LEXFO. Based on the report, our overall security level is now ranked as excellent.

Here are some of our top security features:

Encrypted mobile forms

Encrypted forms:

We encrypt data, right from the storage to the transmission of the information. Form submissions are encrypted with high-grade AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard-256). Ensure that your data and customer’s are protected by using our mobile app. Collect data while assuring security and get rid of paper forms.

gdpr compliant forms

GDPR compliance:

Kizeo Forms is in complete compliance with the General European Data Protection Regulations. We take into consideration the 3 key principles associated with data collection and ensure privacy by design. We collect only the required data and we have put in place actions to ensure the security of personal data. Besides, all collected data is stored in European data centers.

form privacy

Form privacy:

Our solution provides the ability to Identify items containing personal data. This helps you tag fields containing personal data to hide the personal information. Furthermore, we provide options to define visibility conditions to make forms data available only to selected users.

We provide several features related to form rights and visibility. You can define if the user can access data, transfer data, save data etc. You can do so with respect to the hierarchy defined on the administrator account.

spam protection mobile forms

Spam protection:

We use CAPTCHA to make it difficult for robots to fill out your form while still maintaining an easy form filling process.

And that's not all folks! Security is considered key and lies in the heart of all our innovations

security audit

Security audits:

We conduct bi-annual background checks and regular in-depth security audits, both internally and externally. Any reported vulnerabilities are prioritized and resolved quickly.

account level security

Account Security:

Kizeo Forms offers a single sign-on (SSO) option. Furthermore, all accounts are accessible with a company code, username and password for the application on mobile devices/tablet and our online platform. Only you have access to your forms and submissions. The account offers the possibility to add several users and to define a hierarchy.

With Kizeo Forms, you can also go further and define regular expressions for passwords. In addition, we also offer optional two-factor authentication.

Kizeo Forms is a digital tool that turns out to be very flexible. It provides all the features needed to build any kind of forms. It is a solution that perfectly answers our company's expectations. It allows everyone in one's own field and position to contribute to digitizing our activity.

Fabrice RUSSO, Chanas District Manager, VINCI AUTOROUTES

web app security

Web app security:

We help in ensuring web app security by consulting Open Web Application Security Project’s 10 most important security rules.  We constantly stay updated with their list of rules and make our teams aware of them. We also put in place the right tools to detect security breaches efficiently.

network security

Network security:

We conduct regular scans to ensure a high level of network security. In addition, our employees can only access our infrastructure through a specific procedure, involving the use of a private network, specific monitoring, limited access level, and personal identifiers.

We have also built our architecture to comply with PCI, HDS and HIPAA standards. We work with several certified companies and partners. The data collected is stored in AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud servers.

Ensure data security by using our mobile forms!

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